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why the hate with all these Freeloaders

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why the hate with all these Freeloaders Empty why the hate with all these Freeloaders

Post  Guest Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:49 am

They are just making a point to lower taxes. they are not nasty to anyone and basically they have a following Droike.
Remember that huge campaign against the Poll Tax, that was like a Freeman of the Land thing, and BTW get this blooming bandwich whatever sorted in your forum. Shocked


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why the hate with all these Freeloaders Empty Re: why the hate with all these Freeloaders

Post  John Drake Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:03 pm

Its got nothing to do with lowering taxes these people don't want to pay anything or be subject to any laws. They think they can break the law IE drive illegally for example and when caught not have to suffer any penalty for their crime. What they haven't yet realised is despite their big talk they all seem to keep going to prison.

Pollard thinks its OK for him to drive with no licence. Now that's got nout to do with lowering taxes. Thing is because Pollard has no licence he has no insurance. So here's Mrs Tiswas driving along to the chemist to pick up her medication and Pollard comes round the corner and hits her car smashing it up. Mrs Tiswas is now screwed because Pollard has no insurance no bond and no job. Mrs Tiswas has no car while Polard goes to court gets a silly fine and points on a license he doesn't have and only after months and months because Pollard plays silly bugger in court. Does that seem fair to you? All insurance companies have to pay into a pot which is used when someone is hit by an uninsured driver. Hold on a second then where does the insurance company get the cash? That's right from charging more for everyone's insurance every year. So all people that have insurance pay for people who don't. So what Pollard is doing is passing the bill to someone else. Is that fair?

Bollocks lowering taxes you just make stuff up as you go. Go read the freeloader forum on DIF. Its all how do i not pay my fine, my TV licence, my credit card, my loan, I'm in court for, my cars been crushed on and on and on all trying to get out of paying something.
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