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Golfer suspends herself for 11 tournaments

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Golfer suspends herself for 11 tournaments Empty Golfer suspends herself for 11 tournaments

Post  John Drake Thu May 13, 2010 2:28 pm

Golfers get mad at themselves all the time. Some seethe in silence, some hurl expletives or even clubs. But almost never do they get so disgusted with themselves that they pull out of a tournament much less 11 tournaments.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Japan's Yuko Mitsuka. I defy you to find any golfer, male or female, tougher on themselves than Ms. Mitsuka.

Here's the story. Last week, Mitsuka was playing in the World Ladies Championship. Now, she's a rather deliberate (slow) golfer and finally, she got penalized two strokes for her slow play. In frustration, she dropped her clubs and walked off the course.

Oh, but the story doesn't end there. Mitsuka was hit with a Japanese LPGA record two million yen ($21,590) fine. She then took it a step further voluntarily disqualifying herself from 11 upcoming tournaments.

That is astonishing and a bit weird. Slow play and tantrums are sins in golf, yes, but not mortal ones. Not that you'd know that from the JLPGA's comments on the matter: "This is the biggest fine in Japanese LPGA history, and reflects the seriousness of what took place."

"It will have a serious impact on her to miss these tournaments " JLPGA head Hisako Higuchi added. "Let this be a lesson to other golfers."

Now while at first blush this fine and punishment seems way over the top, it's possible Mitsuka was pursuing a milder version of the you can't fire me I quit strategy. In 2006, the JLPGA suspended a player for 10 years that's years, for falsifying a scorecard. So Mitsuka was looking at losing what years off her career because of one tantrum? No better to inflict the wound on yourself than wonder what will be done to you.
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