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Islam4UK - Banned

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Islam4UK - Banned Empty Islam4UK - Banned

Post  John Drake Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:15 pm


Very Happy cheers

We cant have scum like this walking round the UK trying to force their way of life on people. If they want to be Muslims thats fine but when these people start saying you will be Muslim or you will suffer and they want to impose their laws on all of us in this country then they can eat shit. If they want to live in a Muslim country what the fuck are they doing here? Theres plenty of places that would suit them so why be here?

We had Handbag just the other day saying the extremists are government agents. People like him need to wake up fast. There are people in this country some born here some not who want to turn the UK into some shit hole like Iran.

Im not anti Muslim and i have no problem living in a multicultural UK but when bastards like these try and force their views on us and use threats to do it then fuck em.
John Drake
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