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Gold will go $1,500/ounce recently

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Post  katsung47 Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:55 am

701. The most lethal sniper (1/8/2012)

On 1/2, I went to a shopping center in Milpitas. On a pedestrian bridge over Highway 680, I encountered with a couple whom were taking picture on a boy. The Feds has moved residents away from my area long time ago. The route from my home to the shopping center is like a depopulated zone. It’s unusual to see a family there. My thought then was: the new surveillance team wanted to take a photo on me?

On 1/4, there was a news in “World Journal”. “The Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

Posted by Bethany (Diary)

Friday, January 6th

With two hundred fifty five confirmed kills, Chris Kyle is the most deadly sniper in U.S. military history.
Chris Kyle left the service in 2009 to “save his marriage.” He has two children and lives in Dallas, Texas. Since leaving the Navy, Kyle has begun his own military contracting firm, Craft International.

You can expect what kind of deal a sniper can contract with.

It reminds me the experience in Thailand. Here is what I wrote in “126. Sniper case (crime style) (2003)

When I was in hesitation, there was an article in newspaper said that US law enforcement agent had an expert sniper newly arrived in Thailand. He would be positioned at North Thailand to shoot drug smugglers. The article introduced the sniper's glorious past, that how many people he had killed in the war.”

The news forced me to change the original plan in case the Feds to murder me in the name of killing drug smuggler. In US the shooting murder used to be under the cover of random shooting death in “bank robbery”. I encountered one, (see “402. Bank robbery in San Francisco (1) (4/25/06)” #404, 561,562.)
There was also another attempt in 2008. (see “559. Plan to murder in the name of "Bank robbery" (7/19/08)”)

I think this is the result of my recent revelation of the crime Feds committed. I also have been attacked by the censorship in Internet communication.

702. Internet censorship (1/14/2012)

The surveillance team of the Feds has various way to harass my communication in Internet.

1. The team created special formula on me which orders me to delete the links whenever I made url reference. In forum of “San Jose Mercury News” and “Contra Coast Times”, my posting effort often ended with the “instruction”:

“Your comment contains one or more links. To prevent spam, this forum no longer allows links in posts. Please press the back button, remove the links and resubmit your comment.”

It seems to be a rule that applies to everyone. I have to follow the instruction each time to delete the url links. That creates a lot of trouble for me. Other members complained later:

“Katsung I agree with your conclusions for the most part based on your observations, but the evidence part of your thesis is lacking sorely in the presentation i.e. we need links.”

“We all find ways to post url's -- why can't you?”


Other people don’t have such problem. Until then I found that rule has been particularly set up for me. Since the format of the forum of Mercury News and Contra Coast Times are same, and the instruction appeared right away after I submit the post, that instruction must have been designed by the surveillance team and added to these two web sites or on the special server that monitoring on me.

2. My e-mail were intercepted or blocked. I failed to apply to be member of many web sites. My applications used to get no reply. Or sometimes after a “thank you” e-mail, there was no further “confirmation” e-mail.
“Your account is currently inactive, the administrator of the board will need to activate it before you can log in. You will receive another email when this has occured.
Thank you for registering.”

That used to be the only email I received. I think the application email or return email either was intercepted or blocked that I could not confirm the registration. Or simply the return email was a fake one done by the surveillance team. Following webs are of no reply or no further information that I failed register.


4. Some webs banned me in rogue’s way. I think the Feds had infiltrated to the administration or forced them to do so. Here are part of them:

“You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

“Your account has been banned or locked. This is a permanent ban. If the Administrator has specified a reason for this ban, you will find it below.

Paranoid lunatic. Waste of server space.


“You have been banned for the following reason: Posting unwanted spam

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


“You have been banned for the following reason:
Not here, either.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


“You have been banned for the following reason:
Done with the consipiracy theories, you have done nothing to contribute to the stoner side of this site. good bye

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


That “No reason was specified.” And “Date the ban will be lifted: Never”. reminds me of the the National Defense Authorization Act. The Feds give themselves the power to detain American citizens in jail for life without legal access. I have suffered from that principle in Internet long time ago. Watch that identical “never” sentence, how many webs have been in the hands of the Feds already?

703. War on Iran in February (1) (1/21/2012)

In last December I learned that my brother and sisters would have a trip to India and Dubai between Feb. 2 to Feb 15, 2012. Since my relatives used to be arranged for a trip when the Feds has a new plan, that means there will be a new framed case in February and it always comes with big events as distraction- false flag terror attack, war, natural disaster or all of them.

A news proved my allegation. It will be Iran war this time.

Russian military experts say the U.S. is likely to war against Iran in early February

Why does the Feds choose February as operation time? Because there was a president election in Taiwan on Jan 14. National Party competed with Democratic Progressive Party for that seat. National Party is pro-China while D.P.P. pushes for independence of Taiwan. Of course, Beijing wants to see the National Party to win the presidency of Taiwan.

On the other hand, China is a key component in war on Iran. China is a big customer of Iran. It shares 20% of exported oil of Iran. China opposed war on Iran for its own interest. So if US wants the Iran war, it must buy the agreement of China. The D.P.P. of Taiwan became the chip of the deal and was sacrificed in 1/14/2012 presidential election.

On 1/10, Treasury Secretary Geithner visited China to confirm the secret deal.
1/14, Payment confirmed
Taiwan's China-friendly president wins re-election
January 14, 2012 A.P.

1/15, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao started his trip to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United A.E. (all are US allies) to pick up other payments from the secret deal.

China, Saudi Arabia and the New Oil Alliance - 16 January 2012

1/19, China confirms the deal to turn against Iran.
China Begins to Turn Against Iran

January 19, 2012 2:26 PM
During Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to the Persian Gulf, he struck deals with a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, many of whom are worried by Iran’s nuclear ambitions. China, which has long been one of Iran’s only allies and a major customer for its oil exports, now seems to be turning its back on Tehran. From the Telegraph:

“China adamantly opposes Iran developing and possessing nuclear weapons,” [Wen] said.

China appears to have sent a message to Iran that it could not rely on Beijing’s unstinting support by reducing its imports of oil at a time when the US and Europe are promoting an embargo on the country.

The Washington Post reported that China trimmed its oil imports from Iran in January from a daily average of around 550,000 barrels to 285,000 barrels a day.

Chinese foreign policy experts said the statement demonstrated that Beijing would not allow its international position to end up beholden to Iran.



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Post  katsung47 Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:07 am

704. Iran war (2) (1/28/2011)

Be noticed that on 1/10, Treasury Secretary Geithner visited China. I allege it was to confirm the secret deal. Next day, there was such a news:

Harper to visit China, seeking higher oil sales
By David Ljunggren | Reuters – Wed, Jan 11, 2012

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to visit China next month as his government looks to open new markets for oil sands crude in the wake of Washington's decision to delay approval of a major pipeline from Alberta to Texas.
After winning power in 2006, Harper's Conservatives initially took a cool line with China and cited what they described as Beijing's poor human rights record.


For the war on Iran, puppet Canada government ignores Beijing's poor human rights, now has a warm line to satisfy China's great appetite on oil.

On Jan. 18, news reported that "Obama rejects oil pipeline from Canada, triggering loud controversy". Of course, it is not for the consideration of environment as he said. It is part of the secret deal for Iran war.

All these events: Geithner's China visit, Harper's plan to visit China for oil export to China, Obama's reject of the oil pipeline from Canada, Chinese Premier Wen's visit to Gulf and new deals with these oil countries, were done within ten days - from Jan.10 to Jan. 18. The technical details must have been prepared in advance. That plan should have started from last November.

My last clear warning for Iran war date was October. see "691. October 21 plot (11/1/2011)". It signals with Harold Camping's World End Day prediction and FBI's case of "Iran plans to assassinate Saudi ambassador in US soil".

Since November, they were preparing this big one - bribe China. Part of this plot is NDAA. It was proposed in late November. When Obama signed it into law on 12/31, I wrote on 1/2, "700. National Defense Authorization Act (1/2/2012)". On point 5, I said,

"5. War on Iran is their major goal. With great possibility, there will be false flag nuclear attacks on US cities to justify the Iran war. Most people realize the truth of the 911 attack. This law is created to deal with the people who won’t believe this government anymore when such “terror attack” happens again. "

I would say my observation was very accurate. One week later, we saw all these events relate to Iran war.

705. Plant to frame a case (2/3/2012)

Two months ago before Christmas, I received a thick envelope from “VFW”. There were eight pieces of X’mas card with envelopes. Donation letters from welfare society are common, sometimes with mail address sticker. This was the first time I received nice X’mas card as gift. I was surprised. What surprised me more was on next day, my wife asked me if I had any X’mas card. What a coincidence, I gave her the gift pack received the day before. I took the pack back right away after she told me it was a request from C-Lady. C-Lady wanted my wife sent her some X’mas card.

I alleged C-Lady is a Chinese secret agent planted to be my wife’s colleague for 16 years. (see “635. May 21 plot (5/12/2010)”, “639. FISA plot continues (6/27/2010)”.) I think it’s my revelation, C-Lady had to leave the US in 2011. She monitored my wife for more than 16 years. She also was planted as an excuse for the Feds to apply for FISA warrant. (here we saw how the Feds abuse the FISA law to put US citizens under surveillance with the help of Chinese secret police). Though C-Lady returned to China, the Feds still tried to set up a connection between her and my wife, even I, with X’mas card.

C.Y. and W.S.(or H.S.) are a couple work for the Feds and Chinese secret police, I allege. (See “ 668. Chinese secret police (5/5/2011)”) Last May, they borrowed my wife’s minivan for two weeks with the excuse of “have to pick up many relatives from Shanghai”. The minivan, I think, was used to carry “foreign agents” or possible “drugs” to enable the Feds to apply “surveillance warrant” on that vehicle. Since then, I refuse to talk to the couple. I hate those evil souls with smile face. They knew they were not welcomed, rare to appear at my home later.

Same trick repeats. Last week, my wife came home with another car. She said C.Y.’s brother went to her office, asked her help to change the car with the similar reason- “many relatives from Shanghai needs a bigger car”. The Feds have big plot again. The framed case always have big event to distract – used to be Iran war. In last May, there was Operation Geronimo – to justify the nuke terror attack as revenge of Bin Laden’s death. This time, they even don’t cover up their attempt – war on Iran.

I don’t drive. How do they connect me to a framed case? Three days ago, my daughter brought home a writing table. It was free from the Internet. My wife told me to help to install the table. It reminds me of the exercise bench event. Several years ago, my daughter got some free gifts – sports ware from someone. The efforts to make me touch these sports ware were so extraordinary that I realize it was a tactic to pollute me with drug powder to turn me into a drug suspect. So this time, I install the table after letting my daughter clean the table parts.

This is how the Feds to maintain their power. They make living on terrorists and drug case. If there is none, they create one. So we saw 911 attack and “Operation Fast and Furious” with which they got “Patriot Act”, “NDAA” and fat budget.


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Post  katsung47 Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:29 am

706. SOPA and PIPA, internet censorship (2/10/2012)

False flag attack is now a common tactic used by the Feds. 911 terror attack was a typical one. Accusing it was done by Islamic extremist; US had wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. In Internet, they do same thing. When the Feds want someone to be banned from a web site, they launch a cyber attack from the same ISP of the victim until that ISP was banned, to reach the goal that the target to be banned from that web site.

I had experience. Once in a successful complaint, the web host told me it was because of the harassing of other user, he had to ban the ISP which contained my address. Since my neighborhoods are mostly agents of the Feds, I knew this is one of harassing tactics. Here is a recent one:

We sometimes have to ban entire ISPs because of attacks on this website...
If you have been inadvertently caught up in one of these bans please accept our apologies.
You may upgrade your account now to get immunity from bans and to continue to browse the site.
Thank you for not stalking!
WARNING: Obsessive Compulsive IP resetting with the intention of avoiding bans on this website
and harass our users will result in your ISP being contacted and loss of your Internet service for abuse.

This is a tactic to target at individual. When Internet becomes a place that public can get information censored by the mainstream media, how do they control? There is plan to target at the web sites with free speech. The last big operation was the case of “Wikileaks”. In that operation, Assange plays the same role of Bin Laden. Bin Laden went to the target countries to give US an excuse to start war at. Assange loaded the wikileaks information in websites the Feds intended to shut down. (in the name of spreading confidential information) The plan went soured along with the failure of Iran war attempt one year ago.

Iran war is the next big plot. So there is sub-operation to control the Internet. That is SOPA and PIPA. The tactic is to shut down the targeted web sites in the name of “internet piracy”. What the Feds have to do is just to let some snitches to load down some music from those targeted sites.

Media is controlled propaganda machine. Public can only get what government want them to know. It’s the Internet that people realize the truth of the 911 attack. So with coming Iran war, the Feds prepared SOPA and PIPA to eliminate the anti-war voice. They also prepared NDAA to deal with the anti-war people.

Some people doubt that why the Feds cost that much to persecute me. I would say because what I said are truth. The Feds are afraid of it. I have talked about Iran war attempt for years. Now everybody knows that war intention. I have different views on Wikileaks, SOPA, PIPA and NDAA because I watch from wider angle.

707. Operation Wide Receiver and Operation Fast and Furious (2/16/2012)

Before "Operation Fast and Furious", BATF had another similar operation. That was "Operation Wide Receiver" (also know as "Operation Gunrunner). Here are the two cases:

Operation Wide Receiver. Time: 2006 to 2007.
Result: 462 guns lost track. nine people being arrested and charged with making false statements in acquisition of firearms and illicit transfer, shipment or delivery of firearms of which two have pled guilty.

Operation Fast and Furious: Nov. 2009 to the end of 2010.
Result: More than 2,000 guns were lost and many turned up in at least 170 violent crime scenes in Mexico.

Operation Wide Receiver was proved a failed case. Why did the D.O.J. allow the B.A.T.F. to continue with another similar operation in even larger scale? Most important after all was that they deliberately let the B.A.T.F. to lose the track of the guns. In Operation Wide Receiver, Mexico government was informed and took over the surveillance on gun buyers once they crossed the border into Mexico while in Operation Fast and Furious, Mexico authority was left alone.

Fast & Furious, From A Law Enforcement Perspective
By Barbee Kinnison– January 15, 2012

The main difference between Fast and Furious and Operation Wide Receiver is that under Fast & Furious the Mexican authorities were not informed nor asked to participate in interdicting of the 2,000 guns into Mexico (gun walking) where as in Operation Wide Receiver the Mexican authorities were briefed and participated (controlled delivery) of the 462 guns into Mexico.

According to ATF and DOJ, the stated purpose of the operation was to permit suspected straw purchasers to complete the gun purchase and allow the guns to transit into Mexico, in order to build a criminal case against the highest level of Mexican Criminal organizations, if so, then how does DOJ and ATF explain how they are going to accomplish this when they had no plans on working with Mexican authorities to conduct surveillance of the guns once they crossed the border into Mexico or the means to track the guns (no tracking devices install)?
Lastly, why would the former U.S. Attorney and former ATF SAC approve a gun walking operation when they both knew that the previous two ATF operations resulted in the loss of 462 guns into the hands of Mexican criminal groups?


"Operation Fast and Furious" became "Operation supply weapons to Mexico drug gangs" and "Operation turn Mexico into a battlefield". Law enforcement agents themselves were puzzled by this insanity case. They don’t know it was created to deal with Kat Sung, a target of the two powerful elements of D.O.J. – FBI and DEA. The purpose is to prevent him from leaving US.

In later September 2009, Sung ordered a flight ticket to Hong Kong. The Feds had a news in tv to warn that agent would plant fake money in passenger’s pocket to arrest in airport security search. Sung had to cancel the flight. He then tried to leave via Canada but was denied entry by the Canada authority on Oct. 7. Fast and Furious was initiated in November 2009, a further step to prevent him from leaving vie Mexico. (see #697, 698 and 699) This explains why the D.O.J. ordered the BATF to “lose track” on guns. They want to turn Mexico into a killing field.


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Post  katsung47 Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:43 pm

708. Travel warning issued on Mexico (2/23/2012)

The weapons spread by “Operation Fast and Furious” caused a lot of violence in Mexico. Many of them were mass killings. Feds reached their goal- to turn Mexico into a killing field. But Mexico government protested when they found those weapons were from US. The operation went to its end when a US board agent was killed by those weapons.

The House investigates the case. BATF high ranking officers were reassigned. They became scapegoat. The real mastermind – the high ranking officials of D.O.J. , refuse to take responsibility. The Obama Administration has sealed court records. Mainstream media is silent on this case. They put it into a black box. This country is controlled by the D.O.J..

The goal is still there. Though “Fast and Furious” was exposed and failed, the operation continues. Follow the drum beating of Iran war, there is a warning issued this month. From it you may find the real purpose of the “Operation Fast and Furious”.

US increases travel warning to 14 Mexican states
Associated Press – 2/10/2012

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The U.S. State Department is recommending that Americans avoid travel to all or parts of 14 of 31 Mexican states in the widest travel advisory issued since Mexico stepped up its drug war in 2006.

It is the first time the State Department listed advisories for each of Mexico's 31 states, including the federal district of Mexico City, where there is no warning.


Mexican official: US travel warning 'ridiculous'
Associated Press – 2/15/2012
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico's top domestic security official says a U.S. State Department travel warning on almost half of Mexico's states is "ridiculous" and "out of proportion."


Mexico government doesn’t know it’s an intimidation from the Feds and a plan to justify a possible murder in massive killings and that the “Fast and Furious” targeted only at an individual.

709. Web site spy (2/29/2012)

In “702. Internet censorship (1/14/2012)” I talked about how the Feds harassed me with “no url is allowed”. While other members complained that why they were able to post url but me, there was a “RealAmerica” came out with a post:
“I figger I'm already on the "A" list, so here's the URL -
(cutNpaste:) thepetitionsite.com/892/petition-to-impeach-all-senators-who-voted-for-us-is-a-battlefield-and-to-detain-us-citizens-without/”.

He demonstrated several times how to post the url by deleting the head “http://www”.

I think he is an agent to cheat others that Kat Sung is not a target singled out by the Feds. He pretended that he is a victim too and hinted that there was “A” list existed in “Mercury News” and “ContraCoast” web sites. The agent used to think themselves as “Patriot” represent “America”. He uses a golden eagle head as his loggo chart.

Anyhow, I wrote #702 to reveal that harassment. Several days later, when I went to that web site, I was led to a sentence: “To prevent spam, this forum no longer allows links.” To cover up their persecution, the Feds made it a rule to contain all users of those two sites. Ban url links is rare in Internet. I foresee in near future the Feds will shut down those two web sites to cover up their crime.

I used to be banned from the webs with strange reason.(sometimes even without any reason). See #702. So I keep on registering to new forums. Where I was banned before I can even post a word. Here are recent samples. Is that a proof there is a black list that the forum hosts must verify the applicant to the FBI?

Thank you for registering, katsung47. Your account has been submitted for moderation by an administrator and will be activated shortly. You will be notified by email when this happens. To return to the forums, click here.
Thank you for registering. The admin must approve your registration before you may begin to use your account, you will receive an email shortly advising you of the admins decision.

Though I never receive any follow up email from these administrations, I at least knew they had received my application. Someone even had no chance to receive my application. I applied to join forum of USA Today. There was no responding email which as usual should be appeared in seconds in my mail box to confirm the registration. USA Today is mainstream media. Free speech should be their principle. They will not pre-censor an applicant. To prevent me from join a discussion board, the surveillance team blocked my email communication.

There was exception. That is http://mail.rebelnews.org/forum/index. I registered to that forum without any problem I had met in other registration. I didn’t post much on that forum because it’s not an active one. Most posts there were written one year ago. When every day I have to delete emails from that site I wonder why an inactive site is so active to my mail box. I studied that site - It’s mostly about Palestinians and is anti-Israel. I think it’s a bait site of the Feds. It may be a false flag site set up by the Feds or it is deliberately allowed being there as a bait site. The Palestinian resistance may have link to Islamic extremists. So it is used to entrap the people with “terror tendency”. FBI is notorious to set up terror case by luring vulnerable people into fake terror plots. It’s a tactic they used in Internet to net “terror tendency” people.

I have been allowed to post in Marijuana sites for a long time. Now I think it was out of same reason. The Feds want to link me to the drugs or terrorists. The DEA make living on drug case. The FBI make living on terror case. Without it they have no value to exist. So if there is none, they create one. In Internet, they work actively to violet the Free Speech Amendment but work hard to entrap drug case and terror case. In real life, you see “Fast and Furious” and coming “Iran war”. I believe they will organize a “nuke attack” in US to justify the war”.


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Post  katsung47 Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:12 am

710. Swift response (3/10/2012)

In "709. Web site spy (2/29/2012)", I suspected the "http://rebelnews.org/ was a bait site set up by the Feds to entrap "terror tendency" people because it was very active to send email to my mail box. Then I saw no more email from that web site after my posting. Several days later I went to that site and encountered with a notice:
Dear Reader,

On 1 March, the Rebel Media Group experienced - in an unprecedented denial of its freedom of speech - a double-attack in the form of a complete deletion of its websites as well as its main developer machine. We are now in the process of rebuilding the Rebel sites from scratch, making them bigger and better than ever.

Please support us with this gigantic task by sending your generous donation to our paypal account: .....

I think my analysis is very accurate. It's a cover up re-action when a spy was revealed. Nobody would have done it except the surveillance organization who follow every bit of my posts. All was done in less than 24 hours. (I posted on 2/29, response was 3/1)

There was a similar case one year ago. On 12/7/2010 I posted "655. Bin Laden and Julian Assange, False flag and living plant (12/7/2010)" which I wrote on 12/6. Then I learned the news that Assange reported to British police.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested by British police - report
Tue, Dec 07 2010 15:16 CET byThe Sofia Echo staff
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was held by British police on December 7 2010 after Sweden issued a warrant for his arrest over rape allegations, London's Metropolitan Police said.


At that time nobody knew where Assange was. The Interpol issued a warrant on him. News said he was under protect of some liberal democracies in Europe such like Denmark, Sweden..... . I alleged that he was a false flag played a role of living plant. The Feds used him to track the people or organizations who sympasize with liberals and agree with free speech and helped Assange and wikileaks. But when a spy was revealed, he lost his function. Julian Assange ended his hide journey. The reaction of his master was very swift.

There were so many similar events. See "337. Swift response to #336 (8/27/05)", "531. Swift response from Feds (1/8/08)".

711. Appliance trick (3/17/2012)

About 15 years ago, my wife told me a computer company on upstair of her tourist agency was shut down. The computer company had a garage sale on its asset. She bought a refrigerator. Since the "Operation Fire Dragon" just ended, (see 32. "Operation Fire Dragon") and Feds used to monitor the target as close as possible, I thought it was a surveillance team covered up in the name of "computer company". I kept a wary eye on that refrigerator from the Feds and refuse to use it. We had two refrigerators already in the kitchen. I put it in the garage.

Sometime later (a year or so), my wife told me B (my brother in law) wanted to buy that old refrigerator. Why B wanted a refrigerator he didn't need? I thought it was a method Feds taking back a high tech weapon through one of their informant. Before the refrigerator was sent to S.F. I took a test to see if it worked. I connected it to the power. It started with a low humming. I put a tray of water in the ice cabinet. Thirty minutes later I came back and found it stopped work. (no humming was heard) The water was cooler but not iced. It proved what I had worried: the refrigerator emitted EM wave, (in low sensitivity but would hurt health after sometime exposure in radiation). The surveillance team detected it with instrument. It was remote controlled so they switched off the power.

The refrigerator was moved to S.F.. B put it in the porch - he didn't need it. That night someone broke off the low compartment of the refrigerator and took off something inside it. Several days later I went to visit my parants there and saw it with a black openning in the bottom.

A few weeks ago, my wife complained the refrigerator was not cool enough. I thought, same trick came again? It was.

In later February, my wife discarded some appliance such like oven, warming pot. She bought a new oven in bargain price. Lady R.G. (I think R.G. is a guider works for the Feds) told her a site where Cosco have its flawed merchandise sold in low price. Several days later she bought a slow cooker.

In the morning of 3/5, my wife put the chicken in that cooker and switched it on then left home the whole day. My daughter left home the whole day too. I work on computer until I felt sick in the evening. I thought the problem came from that slow cooker and pulled off its plug. Later I told my wife that cooker may be an instrument that emits EM wave. I wouldn't let same thing happen again.


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Post  katsung47 Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:52 am

712. Water poison and dry rain season (3/26/2012)

I talked about the poisoned water in "187. Drinking water (12/11/03)" and "216. Poison tap water (3/29/04)". To avoid the poisoned water, I abandon the running water and the water from "water store". I have to buy bottled water from super market (sometimes I found it was poisoned too) and collect water from different sources such like "Water and Pump" in oil station, rest room in big store. At first I was curious how could the Feds poison the running water without pulloting the water system. Then I came across with such an operation.

It was a time when the Feds aggressively carried out their tactic of "poison the water" . I had to seek new source of water. I went to a rest room of a super market. Next time, when I went to that super market with empty milk bottle, I noticed there was a rubber pipe connected to the water pipe. Each focet is connected with two water pipes. One is cold water and the other is hot water. All controlled by switches. They took off one switch, install a rubber pipe to the outlet. The rubber pipe extended to another room. It was a temprary work done in a hurry. It was the shortest distance from the switch outlet to the forcet while the controller could squeeze the poison into the water.

One of the poison the Feds like to use is radioactive material. Radiation causes cancer if drinked. Radiation also causes skin cancer when people bath with the contaminated water. I found the problem when my hand grew up with black moles. I turned on to rainwater. I stored rainwater in buckets for bathing.

This rain season is the driest one in San Jose area. I think the Feds manipulated weather with their high tech weapon. In shortage of the water I have to take bath as less as possible. I think it's a tactic the Feds uses to force me getting sick. They intensifies the poison a few months ago. I got a severe cough early this year. So I am very careful on food these days, especially on water. Then my wife and my daughter had severe cough recently. I suspect they drank the radioactive water. (one symptom of radiation poison is coughing) When rainwater is in shortage, I still have to use some running water to take bath. Feds polluted the water with radiation despite it would also hurt my wife and my daughter. (Even they both work for the Feds. )

A wet end to winter expected this week in Bay Area

By Mark Gomez mgomez@mercurynews.commarinij.com : 03/12/2012
So far this rainfall season, San Jose has received just 3.13 inches of rain, just 25 percent of normal for this time of year. In Oakland, 6.12 inches of rain has fallen since July 1, about 36 percent of normal.


After four months unusual dry for this rain seasom, there was a storm system arriving in Bay Area in mid March. The strange thing was, San Jose still was the driest place this time.
Storm doles out wildly uneven amounts of rain across Bay Area
mercurynews.com 03/17/2012

Rainfall totals

Morgan Hill 0.53
San Jose 0.66
Gilroy 1.99
Salinas 1.64
Redwood City 2.72
San Francisco 2.95
Oakland 4.21
Santa Cruz 4.48
La Honda 4.61
Orinda 5.78
San Rafael 6.00
Pt. Reyes 7.08
Boulder Creek 7.13
Ben Lomond 16.31
Scott Creek 19.96

Source: National Weather Service

San Jose received the least rain. Oakland and San Francisco did reasonably well. And the Santa Cruz Mountains absorbed a near-deluge.

713. 4/14 plot and N.Korea's missile launch (4/1/2012)

The Feds used to frame a case in the name of their accomplice. In Waco Massacre, OKC bombing, and Operation Fast and Furious, B.A.T.F. has been used as a scapegoat though the master mind was FBI and DEA. They let others take the blame for an evil plot. Another accomplice the Feds used to use is IRS. That's why so many plots on me were organized in April. (Tax return ends in Mid April) So when my wife said she would have a trip to China, I know they had a new plot. I review my thread and found the Feds had planned similar case in consecutive five years. (from 2005 to 2009)

301. April plot (4/2/05)
398. April 18, the action date?(4/15/06)
477. Internet planting and April plot (4/8/07)
547. Plant "drug money" (5/17/08) (I was blocked to internet for more than a month)
597. Rocket launch and worm Conficker (4/5/09)

From 2007 to 2009, each year my wife had been assigned a trip in April. It always accompanied with big events such like epidemic flu, terror threats and attempted war.
There is a big similarity between this April plot to the 2009 one. The Feds manipulated N. Korea to launch a ballistic missile to create war atmosphere which would justify the war on Iran.

Quote of #597:
"The planed action date of this March and April plot will be around 4/4 to 4/8, when N. Korea will launch a ballistic missile which is coincidence with the return date of my wife from her China trip. It can develop into a big conflict if the US intercepts the launching North Korea rocket. All depends on the Feds' decision whether they will practice their plan or not in rocket launch. "

The leaving date of my wife's China trip is April/14/2012 which means big events will take place around that date.

North Korea will launch a ballistic missile at: 12-16 April.

North Korea missile launches raise tensions
guardian.co.uk, Friday 30 March 2012

In an unusual show of transparency, Pyongyang has told the international maritime organisation that the rocket will be launched between 7am and noon from 12-16 April.


There is other coincidence that indictes there will be Iran war.


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Post  katsung47 Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:18 pm

714. Planting to frame a case on 4/14 (4/9/2012)

On 3/16 (or 3/15), about 9 something, I heard a big noise outside. I opened the door, found it was pouring. I had never seen such a big rain. I hurried out to clear the bucket that store the rain water. Just then, a car drove in the lane and stopped at my house. I wondered who was coming in such a big rain. A person, ( I couldn't recognize even it was a man or woman, becuase it was so dark and the rain was so big) holding something came to my front door. He paused a few seconds, might have recognize he found wrong address, then went back to the car and left without a word. I watch the act in front yard while it was pouring. I immediately felt it was a directed action of the Feds. They like to take picture to show suspects met at darkness even in big rain as evidence. I had such experience. (see "49. Frame attemption (continue to "37. Manipulate Bank operation") and "54. Trap")

The odd thing was that the rain soon was stopped. The pouring seemed only dropped for that moment. The news later reported : "San Jose received the least rain." in that storm. That least rain must have poured on my community. see the chart at: "712. Water poison and dry rain season (3/26/2012)". I guess the Feds had a plane spread large quantity of chemical in my area at that moment.

Feds used to plant fake money or marked drug money to me through my relatives and banks. To avoid the planting, I abandon the cash. I purchase with debit card. (see "547. Plant "drug money" (5/17/08)" and " 572. How Feds plant (10/15/08)")

In recent weeks, for several times, my wife called my daughter in loud voice to go to Costco to cash the rebate check. Since I have no Costco member card and I don't drive, it seemed to be a remind that they would go Costco and they could pick me up in that drive. I didn't answer her call.

One week ago, (on 3/31) she called my daughter again. I wondered how could she keep the rebate check that long without cashing it. Anyhow, I needed to buy some food before her trip. (started on 4/14), so I joined their shopping drive.

On that route, we used to go to a Chinese super market "Ranch 99" first. But this time, they went to Costco first. When we finished shopping in Ranch 99, my wife paid cash for the purchase. I think it was from Costco's rebate check she just cashed.

One day later, in my internet mail box, there were 20 new mails . They were all from one web site - grasscity.com. It's a forum about Marijuana. The most unusual thing was, I delete the un-needed e-mail every day. Those e-mails were dated ten days ago, hidden in last page. No body could insert these except the surveillance team. What was the purpose? Apparantly they wanted to connect me to some drug case.

Then I thought of the unusual trip of Costco shopping. The Feds must have planted marked drug money in cash rebate to my wife. Though I didn't hold the money, the picture would show I was with my wife when she paid to cashier. Combined with the unusual rainy night occurance the Feds is framing a drug case on me on coming April 14.

715. War as a distraction in April 14 plot (4/14/2012)

The Feds used to create big events to distract the framed case as I always said. In this April 14 plot they prepared a war.

1. War crisis in Korea Peninsula. North Korea announced to launch a ballistical missile between 4/12 to 4/16. The core date is 4/14.

2. War on Iran.

World powers to hold talks with Iran on April 14:
BRUSSELS | Sun Apr 8, 2012

It's not a talk. It's an ultimatun. A war could have happened any time at US' will when April 14 talks started. Simply because Iran won't accept a "surrender" demand. Here is the rare report news:

US Gives Iran 'Last Chance' Warning

Obama demands concessions as crucial talks begin in Istanbul later this week

By Guy Adams

April 09, 2012 "The Independent" - -Iran must immediately close a large nuclear facility built underneath a mountain if it is to take what President Obama has called a "last chance" to resolve its escalating dispute with the West via diplomacy.

US Offers to 'Negotiate' if Iran Surrenders;

Thoughts on Negotiation Tactics; Obama Threatens War

By Mike Shedlock

April 09, 2012 "Information Clearing House" --- President Obama has stepped up the rhetoric against Iran with an offer to "negotiate". His offer is no offer at all, it is a demand to surrender.


3. Eliminate any possible anti-war voice. Based on his religious stance, Pope will certainly against any new war. At this time, if the Iran war happens, his voice will be absent. Watch the time coincidence.

Could it Be? Another Resignation? “Pope Benedict to step down April 15 2012″ from Kauilapele's Blog

Posted by Ram Arjuna on March 9, 2012 at 12:00pm



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Post  katsung47 Tue May 01, 2012 4:34 am

716. Rocket launching is a hoax (4/23/2012)

The North Korea rocket launching might be a hoax.

1. North Korea just had reached an agreement with US on February 29 to exchange the food aid with a promise of no nuclear test and rocket test. Why did it break up the promise within a month? The meida puzzled.

I gave the answer. The Feds had planned a drug case on April 14. They arranged a China trip for my wife. Her leaving date was April 14. The rocket launch date was announced between 4/12 - 4/16. To distract public attention from a local news, the Feds used to prepare big events. This time it was Iran war. The rocket launch of North Korea was used to create a war atmosphere. They also prepared big natural disaster.

2. I allege the plan of the Feds went soured after my revelation. On 4/1 and 4/9, I wrote two articles to predict there would have been a framed case on 4/14 which would accompanied with big distract events. See "713. 4/14 plot and N.Korea's missile launch (4/1/2012)" and "714. Planting to frame a case on 4/14 (4/9/2012)".

3. If the plot went soured, it was unnecessary to launch the rocket. The media said that the cost to launch that rocket was about 850 million. Of course, the order was from the Pentagon, it pays the cost. Though Pentagon has a fat budget - that almost equals to the total military expense of the rest world, to cancel the order would still save a lot of money. US now has deficit problem.

I think North Korea didn't launch that rocket on 4/12 as they announced. I think it was a hoax.

Reason: (1) When North Korea received this order, they made it a serious business. They invite an international press delegate to report the Launching, that was rare. All journalists thought North Korea wanted to show it off. They expected to see it in live. Instead of, the men were told of the news which they should have reported. That became a joke.

Journalists covering North Korea’s rocket launch were stymied
By David Pierson
Los Angeles Times
Published: April 13, 2012

BEIJING — It seemed like a reasonable assumption to journalists: Score a rare invitation to North Korea this week, and in all likelihood, you’ll get to break the news when the cloistered state eventually launches its Unha-3 missile.
But that’s not how it worked out for the dozens of foreign journalists still rubbing the sleep from their eyes in a Pyongyang hotel when the rocket’s launch and flameout took place before 8 a.m. Friday morning in North Korea.
On Thursday, North Korean officials had seemingly been preparing the hotel’s media center, a circular room with tiered seating and Internet access. Large screens were set up and speakers checked. Broadcast crews staked out positions for prime viewing.
Press invitations to North Korea are scarce,

Obviously it was not the original motivation to invite an international press delegate. North Korea had prepared at least a screen show for them. Something unusual happened on 4/12. My interpretation was the secret deal was changed at that time. There was no rocket launch could be shown to the press.

(2) A "launch" by stealth". Because they invited press to watch the launch. It was an open operation. People expected the possible launh date would be 4/14 as N. Korean government pre-announced it was from 4/12 - 4/16. why made it a stealth? My interpretation: When the Feds cancelled the order, they replaced it by a fake "launch". To avoid curious watch eyes from outsiders, they made a stealth. Nobody could prove there was such a "launch".

(3) Media said it was rare that Norht Korea quickly admitted the failure of this operation. They said it might be a style change of the new leader. I thought the new leader had no such a psychological burden because there was no such a "Launch" at all. He just admitted "failure" to the deal.
Journalists kept in dark over North Korean launch

April 13, 2012|By Tim Schwarz, CNN

"We were supposed to see images of this launch. We didn't see that.
This is a considerable departure for Pyongyang, as it's the first time that they have admitted a satellite launch has failed. It claimed similar rocket launches in 2006 and 2009 were successes, despite assessments to the contrary from South Korea and the United States.

(4) This third time rocket launch was much worse than the privious two. It only flied a short distance (one hundred miles) in a minute then fell into Yellow Sea. A technique retrogress? Or rather, a make up to perfect a lie that no one could eye witness it.

717. Natural disaster (4/28/2012)

As I always said, the distract events include big natural disaster. In this April 14 plot, you saw: (watch the timing)

1. Earthquake in Mexico and Indonesia.

Major) Earthquakes list April 11, 2012 – Very strong earthquake in Mexico !
Last update: April 12, 2012


Mexico shaken by two earthquakes in 24 hours

12 April 2012 Last updated at 05:09 ET

An earlier quake caused buildings to shake as far away as Mexico City
A 6.9-magnitude earthquake has struck off Mexico's Pacific coast, the second to hit the area in the last 24 hours.

Poster of the Northern Sumatra, Indonesia Earthquakes of 11 April 2012 - Magnitude 8.6 and 8.2


Strong earthquake hits western Indonesia, no tsunami threat
By The Associated Press

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - Officials say a strong earthquake measuring magnitude 6.2 has struck off the coast of western Indonesia but there is no danger of a tsunami.


2. Tornado in US.

Weekend tornado outbreak predicted for Midwest
(Reuters) - Forecasters are warning of a possible major tornado outbreak in the Midwest this weekend, with Kansas and Oklahoma seen at particular risk as early as Saturday. (April 14)
Atmospheric conditions will be similar to those that caused severe storms in parts of the Midwest and Southeast in early March that killed more than 50 people, said Steve Weiss, science support branch chief for the National Storm Prediction Center.


At least five dead in Oklahoma as tornadoes pound U.S. Plains
By Steve Olafson Reuters


You saw the main earthquake took place on April 11, both in Indonesia and Mexico. I allege it was a cover up to a planned earthquake in US. If the framed drug case had gone through successfully, there would have been a very big earthquake in US. The media would say it belongs to an earthquake cycle. (see what happened in Mexico and Indonesia) The technique used to create earthquake is HAARP. It may take hours or a day to see the effect after the HAARP being activated.

The technique to create tornado may take longer time. A tornado needs warm and humid air mass. To move such an air mass to the destination may take a few days or longer. When people complain the chem trail in sky, they don't know that's a way the Feds used to alter the weather - to change the air pressure of the area to form an air passage so the needed air mass could move through. Though April 14 plot was cancelled on April 12, the climate situation had been created to a tornado one already. (see 4/13 news: "Atmospheric conditions will be similar to those that caused severe storms....") So we still saw the tornado in that week-end.


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Post  katsung47 Tue May 15, 2012 11:29 pm

718. Framing case went on (5/7/2012)

The April 14 case was failed to go through, the Feds continues for the new one. I think they prepared for another case in the end of April - my wife came back from her China trip on April 29.

Though the order of missile launch for North Korea had been cancelled at last moment, a new order was given. This time it was a nuclear test.

North Korea issues unusually specific threat

By Dylan Stableford Mon, Apr 23, 2012
North Korea's military vowed a new and unusually specific threat to its neighbors, saying it would reduce South Korea "to ashes" in less than four minutes.


North Korea's nuclear test ready "soon"

By Benjamin Kang Lim | Reuters – 4/24/2012
BEIJING (Reuters) - North Korea has almost completed preparations for a third nuclear test, a senior source with close ties to Pyongyang and Beijing told Reuters, which will draw further international condemnation following a failed rocket launch if it goes ahead.


This time they didn't give a specific date of the nuclear test. It gave them more flexibility. If the Feds couldn't perfect a new framed case on 4/29, they could use it on next one.

719. "fake money" or "drug money" (5/12/2012)

In 2008, I found the Feds intended to plant "drug money" or "fake money" on me through the hand of my relatives. I turned on to the bank. But later I found I was treated particularly when I paid the cashier in store or super market, I suspected that the money I withdrew from the bank were also "illegal" with a purpose of "planting". (see "547. Plant "drug money" (5/17/08)" and " 572. How Feds plant (10/15/08)".

In 2011, a news solved my puzzel that the bank is operated by the Feds. It's easy for them to plant "drug money" or "fake money" on me when I withdraw money from it.

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs

As the violence spread, billions of dollars of cartel cash began to seep into the global financial system. But a special investigation by the Observer reveals how the increasingly frantic warnings of one London whistleblower were ignored
• Ed Vulliamy
• The Observer, Sunday 3 April 2011

During a 22-month investigation by agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and others, it emerged that the cocaine smugglers had bought the plane with money they had laundered through one of the biggest banks in the United States: Wachovia, now part of the giant Wells Fargo.


The original bank I opened account with was a small one - World Savings. It later was taken over by the Wachovia. I think it was arranged by the Feds. They like to put their victims under their control. The "22-month investigation" was a lie too. At least in later 2008 the money I withdrew from Wachovia was "marked drug money' or "fake money" because I got particular surveillance when I spent them. It was since that time I would not touch one hundred bill. If the notes from the bank you couldn't trust on, anyone else?

The Feds (DEA and FBI here) used to make money on drug business. That's why the drug trading becomes prosperous under "war on drugs". My experience was one evidence. Though Wachovia played big role in drug money laundering, it was never charged. Because the real operator is the Feds.


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Post  katsung47 Thu May 31, 2012 2:55 am

720. Fake money and brainwash (5/21/2012)

San Francisco News
Elderly merchant guilty of passing counterfeit cash


Peter Cheng, an 81 years old (2011) merchant, was prosecuted for passing counterfeit bills several times in gold coin trading in later May, 2007. Peter Cheng said he was innocent. The lawyer defended for him said that if the bank teller couldn't tell the notes, if the bank detection machines couldn't tell the notes, how did you expect ordinary people to tell?

There was a great possibility it could be a plant case. It was the time when I found the Feds tried to plant illegal money on me. Which forced me to turn on to the money withdrawn from the bank. But even with the bank the Feds could plant, I found it later.

I allege so because the Feds has a criminal style. They create case to justify their action. 911 was a good sample. To justify the war in Mid-east, they activated 911 false flag attack. To expand their power, they invent "War on terror". To justify their action, they created terror cases.

Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief - Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI


So to frame a fake money case on a Chinese ethnic victim, they created a similar case on other Chinese ethnic people. At that time, I saw several "fake money" reports in Chinese newspaper. I think Peter Cheng, was unfortunately fallen into their trap.

It's a mind control. To create a situation to enbelieve people what the Feds told you. So far they sucessfully to make most people believe it's the Islamic extremist behind "terror attacks". Or "brainwash" as Feds referred.

Eric Holder 1995 "We must Brainwash People To Be Against Guns"

721. Debit card case (5/26/2012)

When I found the Feds tried to plant the illegal money (fake money or marked drug money) on me, I abandoned the hundred dollar bill and turned on to small notes. Still, I found the Feds tried to feed illegal small notes to me. There was a period I wrote check to pay the super market. In 2011, I applied a debit card and since then I use it in my purchasing activities.

In later 2011, Bank of America intended to charge new fees on debit card customers. The news said other banks ready to follow. The unresonable new bank fee charge was protested by massive customers that in the end Bank of America had to cancel that plan, so did the othr banks.

In Retreat, Bank of America Cancels Debit Card Fee

Published: November 1, 2011
Alan Diaz/Associated Press

The bank, the nation’s second-largest, said it was abandoning its plan to charge customers a $5 fee to use their debit cards for purchases. Only a month earlier, the bank had announced the new charge, immediately setting off a huge uproar from consumers.


I dependent on relatives' aid. I try to restrict my food expense within one hundred dollars a month. So I had a feeling that new bank fee was created against me.

Later that month, a news reported debit card ID stolen case.

Save Mart issues identity theft warning
By Rick Hurd
Contra Costa Times Nov. 25, 2011


The company issued a news release Wednesday saying that upon routine maintenance, store employees found credit and debit card readers that had been tampered with in the self-checkout lanes of 19 Lucky stores and one Save Mart store.

In addition to its stores in San Jose, two Lucky stores in Fremont and one each in Santa Clara, Milpitas,.......


"500 victimized in Lucky credit card skimming case

Friday, December 09, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO -- Save Mart spokeswoman Alicia Rockwell said the Secret Service called the skimming devices "extremely sophisticated."

http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/local&id=8459848 "

Save mart and Lucky store in San Jose and Milpitas are the super markets I used to go for my food. Of course the thief who uses "extremely sophisticated" device to steal ID had never been caught. I think it was done by the Feds to intimidate after I started to use debit card.

I think all these cases and event happened at that time were created by the Feds. It was an effort to push me back to use the bank notes.


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Post  katsung47 Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:55 am

722. Sheriff Biden and $1 coin (6/5/2012)

To avoid falling into the trap of fake money or marked money set up by the Feds, I have to abandon the notes - even small amount one. Sometimes the purchase was only several dollars. I paid coins. Later last year, when the Feds worked hard to push me back to use the paper money, they also blocked the production of $1 coin.

Sheriff Biden cracking down on $1 coin production
byCharlie Spiering Commentary Staff Writer

Vice President Joe Biden today announced the U.S. Mint would suspend the production of dollar coins for circulation, which according to a release from the White House, "will save taxpayers at least $50 million per year in production and storage costs."
Biden announced during conference call that he was "intent on changing the way the government does business," reminding listeners that "nobody wants these coins."

After Biden spoke, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner joked that "under relentless pressure" from Biden, the Treasury Department found ways to cut government spending.


Of course, people didn't know Biden worked on behalf of the Feds. They argued:

CAGW Reacts to VP Biden’s Dollar Coin Announcement

December 13, 2011 02:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

On March 4, 2011, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report highlighting the substantial benefits of discontinuing $1 notes in favor of $1 coins. The GAO estimated that phasing out the $1 note and increasing circulation of the $1 coin would save taxpayers an average of $184 million annually and a total of $5.5 billion over the next 30 years.

Most of the cost savings associated with coins comes from their comparative durability. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces approximately 3.4 billion $1 bills each year, each of which costs 4.2 cents to manufacture and lasts 40 months. By comparison, the $1 coin costs between 12 and 20 cents but has a lifespan of 30 years or more. The $1 coin also saves money because it is cheaper to handle and process.

The GAO report also points out that “Over the last 47 years, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, and the UK, among others, have replaced lower-denomination notes with coins … Canadian officials later determined that the Canadian government saved $450 million (Canadian) between 1987 and 1991.”
CAGW President Tom Schatz said, “The Obama administration’s decision to kill the $1 coin is exactly the wrong policy choice, one that flies in the face of any supposed regard for taxpayers’ wallets and defies common sense. To make matters worse, it usurps Congress’s authority to legislate coinage and money production.


Anyone with common sense knows the simple math of savings if $1 coin is used: $184 million (savings of coin durability) - $50 million (production and storage cost) = 134 million annually. (or that $184 million has covered that cost already?)

This is a typical story how the Feds control this country with their informants. Vice president Biden worked relentlessly to block the $1 coin. He was awarded the title "Sheriff". Though it was not the first time to propose of production of $1 coin, the occasion was significant. There is a deficit crisis in US economy. Social programs are cut to save money. Even Pentagon has to shrink its spending. Yet, the Feds has its way to squander taxpayers' money for its case.

723. Hacker, terrorists, the real name of the Feds (6/10/2012)

US always accuse other countries and international hackers attacking the internet. Recently, news revealed that US created virus "Stuxnet" and "flame" and attacked the other country with them. The criminal style is familiar. US had tried to frame Iraq to be the perpetrator of anthrax attack and finally scientists found it came from US own secret lab. So is Internet attack.

Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it

by Nate Anderson- June 1 2012


As a matter of fact, internet attack is a popular tactic used by the Feds. My computer is harassed by the Feds. The window screen I watch frequently missing. The written article lost paragraph function and being sectioned with different fonts and size, made it hard to read. Recently, some information stored in UBS is lost. Sometimes when I clicked up for a file, a pop up would say,

File in use

False flag and framed case.rtf is locked for editing by ‘another user’.

Another user is editing my file? Obviously it's the surveillance team. That's an open intimidation.

Moreover, I have been blocked to access some web sites last month. They are:

*Contra Coast Times.

* The TribTalk Message Boards have been taken offline indefinitely. A server move a few weeks ago corrupted the database, which would mean starting over with the boards. Considering the resources available to do that, and the relatively small amount of traffic the boards get, the decision was made to simply close them. We thank you for your participation and invite you to join in our story comments at sltrib.com or interact with us on Twitter (@sltrib) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/saltlaketribune). If you have any questions or concerns please email tribtalk@sltrib.com


*The forum you selected has been retired.

All these web sites were set up by media. Media, though controlled by the Feds, have their own opinion on free speech. For most time, they would rather close the board than to censor the speech. So I think the problem to block me to access these web sites were created by the Feds through the surveillance server.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:58 am

724. Frame a case of Chinese intelligence link(6/20/2012)

C.Y. is a brother of my sister in law. He and his wife W.S.had borrowed my wife's mini van in last May. Since then I alleged them tried to frame a relationship between my family and the Chinese secret police (or maybe "drug gang"? who knows.). (see "668. Chinese secret police (5/5/2011)") The tactic repeated three times, two in his brothers' name - C.Y. has two brothers.

In later February, for the third time in eight months, they asked to borrow the mini van again. The justification were same: they had to pick up their friends in air port with large amount of luggage. Since last May, I turned a cold shoulder to them. They let my brother and sister in law to pick up the car. I refused. I told my sister in law that I thought her brother couple were the Chinese agents and worked for the Feds. They had evil purpose to link my family to the Chinese secret police. I wish such a plain revelation would prevent C.Y. couple from harassing us any more.

One month ago, I trimmed the yard tree with a ladder. At night, the couple called my wife to borrow that ladder. Of course, I refused. I was surprised that even for the revealed snitch, the Feds would try to squeeze them for every bit of it.

Then early this month, I refused a dinner invitation. It was a family meal for my daughter's birthday. The reason I declined to go was I think the owner of that restaurant is a Chinese agent.

In 2000, I returned to the US from drift in South-east Asia. The travel company my wife worked for was moving to Milpitas. That restaurant opened a little bit later was in same shopping center - not far away from the entrance to that travel company. The restaurant supplies Shanghai dishes. The boss - G.X.B of R. was a woman came from Shanghai.

My wife soon became friend of G.X.B of R.. When my relatives came to San Jose, they used to go to that restaurant for the food of homeland taste.

I never go to that restaurant. I am too familiar with Feds' style. They put their snitches as close as possible and fit everything from food, clothes, languages to the targets. That restaurant could be viewed as a liaison spot of Chinese intelligence - though it was established under the will of the Feds. How easy it is to apply for a FISA warrant by just sending the targets to that restaurant.

There is also other reason I won't go to that kind of the shop.

725. The high speed liquid bullet gun (6/25/2012)

In early 2000, I was in Malaysia. An itch troubled me for some time. Usually if it was a sting of mosquito, it would fade away in a day. But this one caused bad itch and pus and lasted for days. I looked at my foot, the pustule formed a small circle. I thought it was a bite of some unknown insect. I bought some ointment but failed to recover from the itch. It lasted a week or so.

Then I returned to US. My relatives invited me for a lunch Buffet. The restaurant was full. we had to wait for a while. That day I got that bad itch again. It was at the same part of my top foot and in same form - a small circle of pustule wound. I started to suspect that was a spy weapon. I had learned in news of it. I didn't expect I would encounter with it.

Poison-tip umbrella assassination of Georgi Markov reinvestigated

The cold war murder of Georgi Markov, the Bulgarian dissident who was assassinated using a poison-tipped umbrella, is being reinvestigated by Scotland Yard.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
7:54PM BST 19 Jun 2008

On a September evening in London in 1978, Markov, a prize-winning Bulgarian author and BBC broadcaster who had been classified as a "non person" by the communist authorities, was waiting alongside commuters for a bus on Waterloo Bridge when he felt a stinging pain in his thigh.

A heavily built stranger dropped an umbrella, mumbled "sorry" and fled in a taxi.


K.G.B. used a tiny metal ball with poison in that case. I think I have suffered the same style of attack. I didn't feel any stinging pain. The tiny bullet must be in very high speed. I didn't die like Markov. I think the bullet should contain some virus that causes vital disease. Feds used to make a murder look like a natural death. It could be material causing cancer, or even aids virus? With the limit acknowledge from that story, I originally thought the bullet was metal ball. Now from new information I know it was icy liquid bullet. It said Feds freeze the poisonous liquid as icy bullet and shoot it in high speed that can penetrate clothe and thin shield. I lost the original information but found one with similar principle.

August 7th, 2011 | Posted by Veterans Today

Assassinations By Induced Heart Attack And Cancer

In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack.

This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol. The gun was capable of shooting the icy projectile with enough speed that the dart would go right through the clothes of the target and leave just a tiny red mark.


Early this year, my daughter found a job. She invited us for a meal to celeberate. The restaurant was in same shopping center of that Shanghai one (see last message of #724). It was full when we went there. We waited until the waiter led us to a table stands to the wall. Later that day, for the third time, I got that bad itch again after eleven years.

They were common in some points:
1. the wound part used to be on top foot near ankle.(all three times), the latest one added one wound in leg and one in small arm.

2. Bad itch last long time - a week or so. This may mean thick virus liquid.

3. Though the first two wounds showed a regular circle of spots, I didn't see it in third time. They improved their weapon.

4. You won't feel pain when the attack took place. The bullet was tiny and in high speed. You find it hours later when skin started to inflame.

I didn't notice the condition of the first attack but the latter two all happened in restaurant. They were prearranged meal. The restaurant used to be full and you have to wait until there was vacancy. In such an operation, Feds must activate a lot of snitches to be customers so they could arrange the victim to the table that installed with special equipment.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:56 am

726. The surprise turnaround of Chief Justice (7/4/2012)

On 6/28, Supreme Court issued a pass for Obama's Health care policy. What surprised people was Chief Justice Roberts sided with four liberal justices in voting 5-4 to declare the law's "individual mandate" constitutional.

Why did John Roberts, a Bush appointee who generally votes with his conservative colleagues, suddenly change his opinion to vote with the liberal? Just three months ago, he still opposed that "individual mandate" law.

Chief Justice Roberts: Can government require you to buy a cell phone?

Mar. 27, 2012 - Chief Justice Roberts asks the Solicitor General Verrilli if the government can require the purchase of cell phones for emergency services, just as the health-care law requires for health insurance.(The Washington Post)


There are different theories about this mysterious turnaround. Mostly were from disinformation office of the Feds to cover up their puppet Roberts. None could solve the puzzle. I know why - the Feds want that "individual mandate" provision. When the Feds want to put Kat Sung under surveillance, they forced the law makers passing through the Patriot Act. (Through OKC bombing and 911 bombing) When the Feds want to restrict Kat Sung in US, they activate the TSA search, (blocking leaving from air flight) blocking the entering of Canada and Mexico; (by "Operation Fast and Furious") see "697. TSA search, Canada and Mexico (12/11/2011)". Now when they want Kat Sung to have a health insurance, they activate their proxy- John Roberts.

Six years ago when Roberts was selected as Chief Justice, I have written already,
"344. Roberts, a secret agent of D.O.J. (9/18/05)"
This case proves I was very, very accurate at that judgement.

I'll talk about why the Feds want that "individual mandate" provision.

727. Rush to frame a case on 7/9 (7/9/2012)

On 7/4, I wrote about the mysterious turnaround of Chief Justice Roberts and promised to tell "why he did so" in next(today's) post. Now I'm afraid I can't do so because next day of 7/4 there was a swift response from the Feds.

‘Internet doomsday’ due on Monday, claims FBI

The ‘DNS Changer’ virus will cause more than 350,000 computers to lose web access on July 9, the FBI has claimed.

By Matt Warman,

05 Jul 2012

DNS Changer was a virus run by an Estonian crime ring until authorities and the American FBI broke it up in November. At its peak it infected more than 500,000 PCs and Macs.

Now the Bureau wants to turn off the server because it is costing tens of thousands of dollars to operate each month. It has announced that on July 9 it will pull the plug, potentially leaving the 350,000 computers that are still infected, 20,000 of which are in the UK and 85,000 in America, without access to the web.


I used to post new articles in a cycle of "5 days, 9 days ...." interval. 7/9 is the day I post a new article. Due to the accuracy of my analysis, The Feds seems have decided not to let people know the truth by blogging my access to the internet. What alarms me is they'll frame a new drug case.

California high-speed rail gets green light

By JUDY LIN | Associated Press 7/7/2012

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers gave the green light to start building the nation's first dedicated high-speed rail line, a multibillion dollar project that will eventually link Los Angeles and San Francisco.


The final cost of the completed project from Los Angeles to San Francisco is projected to be $68 billion.

Before Friday's vote, at least half a dozen Democrats in the 40-member Senate remained opposed, skeptical or uncommitted. Some were concerned about how the vote would impact their political futures, while others were wary about financing and management of the massive project.

One dissenter, Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, said public support had waned for the project, and there were too many questions about financing to complete it.

"Is there additional commitment of federal funds? There is not. Is there additional commitment of private funding? There is not. Is there a dedicated funding source that we can look to in the coming years? There is not," Simitian said.


What the news doesn't mention is that the technique will be from China. In a time when money is so tight in state budget, what is it for to waste on such an uncertain project that mainly benefits China? I view it as a payment of secret deal between the secret police of China and US to exchange for a framed drug case.

The two events took place just within two days after 7/4. They were done in a rush and planned to frame a case on 7/9.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:08 am

728. The 7/27 plot and Olympic Game (7/18/2012)

The original plot is planned to start on 7/27 - the date of openning ceremoney of Olympic Game, I think. The Feds like to start the terror attack in Europe - such like the London subway bombing on 7/7/2005 and the Norway Oslo massacre in 7/22/2011. If everything is OK, then a nuclear terror attack would take place in US to justify war on Iran.

The coincidence is that two of my sisters are invited to our homeland in China to join a ceremony of a hospital anniversary. Yan Ming Hospital was established by my grandfather about seven decades ago as a contribution to his homeland. It was nationalized since the Communist took over the China. We have no connection to that hospital from the beginning. It's strange how the administration of the hospital could suddenly track back the history to commemorate its founder. The trip time is between 7/27 - 7/29.

Since the Feds used to arrange a trip for my family members when they had a plot.(It's easy to create an incident in travel), I allege there will be a framed case around 7/27 and the Chinese secret police involve in the plot. There also will be terror attack and war following to distract.

I am the target of the case so there will be illegal search and arrest about which I mentioned on 7/4 ( #726) and was going to detail it on #727 on 7/9. There was a swift response from the Feds. They must have feared their project be revealed in advance and planned an Internet doomsday’ on 7/9. They also hurried to push through the California high speed rail project to assure China the payment for the secret deal of the framed case. Watch the date of the following news. They were between 7/4 and 7/9. How hastily they were.

California High Speed Rail Funding Approved

By JUDY LIN 07/06/12


Transportation Secretary praises authoritarian Chinese rule on high speed rail
High Speed Rail
July 7, 2012

"The Chinese are more successful [in building infrastructure] because in their country, only three people make the decision. In our country, 3,000 people do, 3 million," he said.


High-speed rail officials rebuffed proposal from French railway

By Dan Weikel and Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times

July 9, 2012


729. A.G.'s contempt of Congress (7/23/2012)

Now more information revealed that "Operation Fast and Furious" was a senseless mission. It didn't use tracking device on weapons. Local agents were ordered not to tracking straw purchasers. Mexico government was not notified the grogram. Until the operation ended none were arrested. So what the result of the whole operation was? Nothing except the mass killing that caused two hundred deaths in Mexico and death of US agent.

This was an intentional weapon proliferation in Mexico. The purpose was to turn Mexico into a killing field to prevent Kat Sung to enter Mexico. Kat Sung was denied to enter Canada in October 2009, (see detail at "611. Restricted in US (10/17/09)". "Fast and Furious" was initiated in November 2009. The two events were tightly connected.

Nobody was accountable for that big scandal so far. The BATF officer only changed his post to the head quarter because the real mastermind were high ranking D.O.J. from the FBI and DEA., I allege. That's why A.G. Eric Holder has been stonewalling congressional attempts to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious. Obama also asserted executive privilege over the documents in question. The House, has to hold A.G. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

Border Patrol group calls for Holder’s resignation

By Jerry Seper

The Washington Times Monday, June 18, 2012


“Jun 2, 2012 – 129 House members now demanding Eric Holder's resignation
dailycaller.com “

Why does Eric Holder clings to his post and refuse to resign when it's a common practice in a big scandal?

He is waiting for a big case. When the FBI, DEA in Department of Justice commit a crime – killing people in a framed case, he’ll step down to take the responsibility. For the Feds, that framed drug case is much important than anything else. Remember, "Operation Fast and Furious" was also a sub project created to serve that main one.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:16 am

730. Colorado theatre shooting (8/1/2012)

People have a lot of suspicion on Colorado theatre shooting. A big question is that if Holmes took that much effort to build 30 booby traps in his apartment, why did he so easily giving up his hard work and released his secret to the police right after his arrest? Many think government was involved.

Possible Second Shooter in tragic Batman Denver Shooting Eyewitness Account


Most people link mind control to it when they saw Holmes’ behave in the court. It seems like he had been drugged and was senseless to anything. Holmes had taken part in Mind control programs. He might have been chosen as an experience subject involuntarily since then.

James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs

James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs. After graduating in 2006, Holmes worked as a student intern at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies and Miramar College’s biotechnology summer boot camp, where “cream of the crop” students were given rudimentary laboratory projects.


MK-Ultra responsible for James Holmes and Aurora shootings Part-I

by Doc Vega | July 25, 2012

PSYOP the practice of modern psychological warfare, propaganda, Political Warfare, PSY OPS, Hearts and Minds, and PSYWAR, all names for a covert form of abhorrent conducted intelligence operations. These operations can be utilized under many forms from selective assassin training, false flag, or black operations. These highly specialized forms of covert and mind control operations, lavishly funded, carefully guarded, are manifestations of the New World Order. Carrying out a strategy of keeping nations at war, the public off balance, and the diplomatic relations between international countries manipulated


The media beat the drum to broadcast Holmes’ court attending picture. The purpose was to show people the red dyed hair of him to ensure that he was the right suspect. On the contrary, was Holmes stupid enough to fix an eye catching evidence on his head to run all around? Was that easier to wear a red dyed wig so he could throw it away in his escape?

731. The criminal style (8/6/2012)

There was an anthrax attack after 911 in 2001. The purpose was to frame Iraq as the perpetrator so US could start war on it. The plot failed when the scientists found the anthrax was from the US lab.
U.S. Inquiry Tried, but Failed, to Link Iraq to Anthrax Attack

New York Times, December 22, 2001. By WILLIAM J. BROAD with DAVID JOHNSTON

The failed plot created an unexpected problem for FBI. It must find a scapegoat for the case. For years the FBI was under pressure to find a “perpetrator”. It finally found a victim- Ivins. Since it was a framed case. Ivins had to be a dead man who could never defend himself.

With this lesson, to avoid any more trouble, they always had a prepared victim to take the responsibility of the new plot. In this Colorado theatre shooting case, not only they designed a red dyeing hair, but also had a written plan to prove the case.

Lost In The Mail – James Holmes Mailed His Murderous Musings To Professor

AURORA, Colo. – James Holmes, mailed a notebook “full of details about how he was going to kill people” to a University of Colorado psychiatrist before the attack, but the parcel sat unopened in a mailroom for as long as a week before its discovery Monday, a law enforcement source told FoxNews.com.


The similar style had been used in Virginia Tech shooting massacre case.

Va. Tech gunman sent material to NBC

4/19/2007 By William M. Welch, USA TODAY

Minutes before Cho Seung Hui gunned down 30 people in a Virginia Tech building, he mailed a hate-filled package of video and photos to NBC, sending what amounted to a deranged final message aired after his death.


As a matter of fact, they prepared this shooting case first in May, then carried it out on July 20 as a prelude for the 7/27 plot. (see “728. The 7/27 plot and Olympic Game (7/18/2012)”

FBI Warned of Theatre Shooting on their Website May 17
Watch this video to see the FBI warning that was taken down within minutes of posting it this past May. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=O9aVMfYR8to



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Post  katsung47 Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:43 am

732. Payment to China in framed case (8/15/2012)

In last July, the Feds plotted a money laundry case on me. The plot, possibly having drug case with it, was created with the help of Chinese secret police. As a payment for the deal, a most wanted fugitive of China – Lai Changxing, was escorted to China. See “676. Create money laundry case (7/24/2011)” and “677. Norway terror attack to distract July plot (7/30/2011)”.

At same time, a shooting massacre took place in Norway to distract the framed case. Norway shooting case was only a prelude. If the main case (framed drug case) had gone through, a series of big events – nuke attack, Iran war – would have happened to totally distract public attention.

Feds prepared similar plot in this July. 7/27 was the possible action date. (Olympic opening ceremony) Colorado theatre shooting was only a prelude. They almost would have shifted the day ahead of time on 7/9 when I said I’d reveal how the Feds would act on 7/4. See #726 and #727.

Yesterday I saw a familiar case in news. Gao Shan, a fugitive in China’s most wanted list, is back to China after eight years. Gao Shan is a legal (permanent) resident of Canada. It reminds media of Lai Changxing’s case. I, too, have the same feeling. Only I know this is another payment to China.

Chinese fugitive returns to China voluntarily to face bank fraud charges

By Jeremy Nuttall, The Canadian Press August 13, 2012

VANCOUVER - A Vancouver man accused by Chinese authorities of misappropriating more than $150 million while he was a bank manager in China has voluntarily returned to Beijing to face the charges.

Gao is only the most recent Chinese suspect to return to his homeland after years in Canada.

In May, Lai Changxing was sentenced to life in prison after losing an extradition battle to stay in Canada, where he had lived for 12 years.

Known as China's most wanted fugitive, Lai fled to Vancouver in 1999 and was sought by Chinese authorities for raking in millions of dollars illegally through fraud and smuggling.


733. Swimming pool speaks (8/20/2012)

In 1990s, when I abandoned driving, I used to walk to the super markets. I was impressed by the large noise of cheering children in a swimming pool along Amberwood Ln. The pool belongs to a Condo community. Probably started from 2000, the children disappeared. I was too, impressed by the dead silence when I passed that swimming pool. The Feds must have moved all families away. (at least the families with children) I realized how large scale the case was that the Feds applied on me.

This year, I learned the skill to post the picture to the internet. On August 5, Sunday, between 4 pm to 5:30 pm, I took pictures of the two swimming pools near my residence. Summer will end. New school year will soon start. The swimming pool is as dead as it was in recent decade.

Gold will go $1,500/ounce recently - Page 3 PICT0005%20%282%29
8/5/2012 4pm Amberwood Ln.

Gold will go $1,500/ounce recently - Page 3 PICT0007
Alves Circle, Croply Rd.

Gold will go $1,500/ounce recently - Page 3 Map%20of%20pool

map of pool


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Post  katsung47 Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:01 am

734. Wang's family (8/29/2012)

With two decades long experience, I get familiar with some tactics used by the Feds. One tactic is they always having their agents or informants to befriend with the target as close as they can. They changed colleagues of my wife by introducing her to a new company. (See "32. "Operation Fire Dragon"") They changed all playmates of my daughter even she was still a child. As for me, they arranged a "Wang family".

In about 1992, the Flea Market had a re-arrangement of selling space. My new neighborhood was Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang spoke my native language - Shanghainese. Besides selling in Flea Market, he also ran a restaurant. (see "25. Neighbor seller and gun" and "181. Soup (11/21)") He had two sons whom ran a moving company. His youngest son (Wang Y. son) also doing business in flea market. Wong Y. son found Mao (importer) and start to sell same porcelain figuring as mine. He had a retail space in front of mine, so he intercepted business from me. In wholesale market, he beat me with losing money price. I puzzled with the low price he could wholesale. How could he make living on that? Later I realized that he was only a tool of the Feds being used to push me out of business.

Mr. Wang used to chat about the moving business his son ran. Once he was absent in weekends. When he appeared next week, he said he had a long distance moving order. A Korean customer moved from California to East Coast because the company he worked for was re-located. When he detailed the furniture that customer had, I had a feeling there was no privacy for a moving company. I once wondered why a big company would cost that much to moving from San Jose to Austin. Now I think it was just a warrantless search by the Feds. They control the CEO of the company and the moving business. They could carry out such tactic when they think it's necessary.

Since Wang Y. son gave me a hard time in business. I was alert on their action. One day in that year, I saw a carry on van looked like Wang's moving company's in the end of the street. I went there to have a look. It was Wang's moving company. Mr. Wang was moving out furniture for a resident. It was the first time I realized that the Feds were emptying my community.

Sometime later, when I stopped my car before a red light at a crossing road, I suddenly recalled that I didn't tell the teacher of the pre-school that I would come to pick up my daughter later that day. I turned back my car towards the pre-school. Shadowvale Dr. is a back street from my residence. I rarely use it. But that day, from main street to pre-school, it could be a short cut. So I drove that way. I was surprised to see Mrs. Wang hurried out from a lane in Shadowvale Dr. It was seven something in the morning. She was obviously going to work. Mr. Wang's residence was in Milpitas at that time. How could his wife live in my backstreet?

The two events broadened my knowledge - the Feds like to empty target's neighborhoods and move their informants in.

735. The close of Small World Pre-school (9/3/2012)

In early 1990s, I had my daughter attending a Small World Pre-school. It was not far away from my home. It took about five minutes to walk to there. There were a lot of children in Small World Pre-school when she was first there – probably about 20-30 something. Then the number shrank suddenly to about 10 or less.

In 1994, because the constant EM-wave radiation harassment from the Feds, I left to China. My daughter went to a primary school. When I returned from China, the Small World Pre-school shut down. There was no demand for it. The Feds had moved most ordinary residents away from my community.

The public park next block to my residence also deserted. Though it was well maintained but rare people were seen there. The playground was used to be full of kids. My daughter got her three play-mates there. They disappeared after their families moved away. The Feds arranged three new play mates for her.

Here are pictures I took on Sunday, 9/2/2012 at 10 in the morning. The park remained like this for the most time.

Gold will go $1,500/ounce recently - Page 3 Sunday%20Sept.%202%2C%2010%20am%2C%20%20park

park 9/2/2012 10:00 am Sunday

Gold will go $1,500/ounce recently - Page 3 002

park 9/2/2012

Since I started this thread, several times I talked about the deserted park. Then occasionally there was a kid or two playing there. Sometimes there even was a barbecue gathering. These were cover up operation.

After I wrote “733. Swimming pool speaks (8/20/2012)”, I started to see a kid or two playing in the swimming pool. I knew that’s a cover up response to my revelation. I used to go shopping in afternoon, I broke my habit to go in the noon. On Saturday, Aug. 11, 11:40 am, I passed that swimming pool. No, nobody was there. It was a hot day, the high temperature was 92F degree.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:32 am

736. CASH FOR HOUSE (9/12/2012)

In early 1990s, many unusual things happened. Mr. Wang’s moving company moved my neighborhood out from my community, his wife was seen living in my back street, the Small World Pre-school shut down due to the disappearance of children, the desert of the public park…. All these indicted that the Feds had moved the residents away from my area. I was puzzled – it took a lot of money.

At the same time I found the Feds were bandits. They murder people to loot their wealth, especially when they have cash. My health had been hurt by the Isotope money. It should be used to track drug money. I never touch drugs. Why they applied it on me? Obviously they hoped to find a treasure of cash pile. Earnie might have died because he had too much cash stored. See:”7. Alleged murder of Ernie”, “ 8. FBI's profit”.

Another way to stole money from victims was through the stealing of credit card. See: “34. The lost Credit Card “.

So if such a criminal group bought a lot of real estate property, would they just for law enforcement? Of course they’d make money on that.

In later 1990s, I totally abandoned the driving because there was too much harassment and danger from a manipulated car. I turned onto public transportation.

One day while I was waiting for the bus, I saw an advertising board. A small one -the size like an election campaign board with politician’s name. It said,
“Cash For House
Call 1-800-9**-FAST”
Then I noticed this advertisement was everywhere. ** were numbers varied from different location. For example, ** in Oakland was different from San Jose. 9** might be the number for California area. In Florida it could be “1-800-***-FAST”. The firm behind this advertisement must be a big one. It started to collect property countrywide in later 1990s. It foresaw a booming real estate market.

This firm is a powerful one. It successfully blew up a housing bubble to harvest the profit until it popped off in 2006.

737. The abolishment of assumable loan (9/17/2012)

After I found the Feds was buying the house countrywide, I expected they would push up the real estate price. I looked at the housing advertisement to see if there was one I could afford to. I wouldn’t miss the chance of a coming bull market.

I found a four bed room town house at the price of 80,000 and called the estate agent. I asked the agent if the seller had a loan that was assumable. She told me the assumable loan had been abolished for a long time, so it was impossible to find any more of this kind of loan in the market. It ended my attempt to buy a house in mid-1990s. The Feds control the bank and it was impossible for me to borrow any loan from the bank.

When I was going to buy my house in 1985, I was pre-warned by the manager that the company would be shut down. Two months later when I moved into my house, the company really shut down and I was unemployed. At that time I thought it was just a coincidence.

Many years later, I started to realize the house I bought was the target of the Feds. They murdered the former landlord. When the widow of former landlord tried to sell the house, the buyers failed to purchase due to the loan problem because the bank is controlled by the Feds. The continuing failure in deal forced the widow to lower the price of the house. I was in waiting list. When it was my turn, they shut down the company I worked. Bank wouldn’t lend money to unemployed.

I was able to buy the house because there was assumable loan – a loan pre-owned by the seller which could be transferred to the buyer automatically in house trading, no bank approval needed. It was a very popular loan at that time. With assumable loan and the money borrowed from my relatives, I bought the house.

Assumable loan was a good tool in real estate business. It benefits both side of trading. It makes a deal easier and faster for seller and buyer. But that goes around the interference of the Feds. (through the bank approval) I think it was my case that prompted the abolishing of assumable loan. Housing industry lost a nice tool just because the Feds want to maintain their fascist control.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:03 am

738. Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (9/26/2012)

Although I gave up the attempt to buy a house when I learned that they abolished the assumable loan, the Feds had a swift response to my housing inquiry. In following month I found the housing price went up. Low price house disappeared from the list. Furthermore, soon there came a new law:

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997

In 1997 President Clinton signed into effect the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, which included the largest capital gains tax cut in U.S. history. Under the act, the profits on the sale of a personal residence ($500,000 for married couples, $250,000 for singles) were exempted if lived in for at least 2 years over the last 5.t

When I heard this Act, I realized it was a measure to suppress other buyers to make money in a coming housing babble blown up by the Feds. Investors won’t buy in a downwards market. They emerge in an upwards market. This Act blocks other people to compete with the Feds in real estate market once the Feds blowing up a babble. Common buyers have to wait for five years if they want to make good profit while the Feds had the houses in their hands for years already. The Feds started to empty my community and buy in the house in 1990 .

San Jose Real Estate Market: Trend, Analysis & Statistics
Annual Home Price Appreciation Rates

1989 25.87%
1990 -6.11% --(I knew Mrs. Chen in Galt Flea Market. Apparently she was the Feds’ target already. The Feds started to buy houses.)
1991 -0.99% -- (Mrs. Chen was arrested for Heroin smuggling.)
1992 -1.78%
1993 -2.78%
1994 -1.40% -- (I left for China due to the persecution of the Feds)
1995 2.43% -- (Return to US. Persecution continued)
1996 5.48% -- (Saw “Cash for house”. Attempting to buy a house)
1997 13.22% -- (Taxpayer Relief Act passed)
1998 13.08% -- (dot com babble)
1999 13.74%
2000 29.07% -- (dot com babble broke up)
2001 0.79%


You can see how the Feds drove down the real estate value dramatically in 1990 when they started to buy in. Around 1996, when I recognized there would be a booming estate market and attempted to buy a house, how the Feds checked the other buyers with that five years new rule - Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and pushed up the housing market in following years. The first housing babble popped off before the five year ending of new “Taxpayer Relief Act”. You can see it from the Chart.

739. The third housing babble (10/1/2012)

This was what happened in 1990s. The Feds started to buy in the real estate property from 1990 when they drove down the housing price. In 1997, when they found I trying to buy a house, the Feds passed the “Taxpayer Relief Act” to check other buyers from competition. Then they pushed up the housing market with the “dot com” babble. Why? Because the area where I live is the Silicone Valley where the high tech. companies gather in and where the Feds hold a lot of property they bought in my case. The tactic was to encourage the establishment of new company. The high salary employee would boost the property price.

The “dot com” babble exploded in 2000. The Feds might have made good profit in property market in elsewhere but the San Francisco Bay Area where they invested heavily in my case. How to release their wealth? Then came the second babble.

In April 2001, Pentagon created EP-3 spy plane collision incident in South China Sea. In secret deal with China to release the spy plane crew, the Feds bribed China to frame a drug case in US. As a payback to Pentagon, the Feds helped Pentagon prepared 911 terror case. Silverstein leased WTC at that month. 911 also gave the Feds the Patriot Act they have longed for. (See: “695. The collusion of D.O.D. and D.O.J. (11/28/2011)”)

With Patriot Act and a framed drug case in hand, the Feds now was sure Kat Sung would be eliminated. What needed was a booming housing market. How to get it? By manipulate the Federal Reserve.

Gold will go $1,500/ounce recently - Page 3 17fed.graph.190

You can see how dramatically the interest rate dropped to the bottom in 2001 that created a housing babble US ever had which finally caused financial collapsing in 2008.

However, the property the Feds hold in Kat Sung’s case is still there, how to deliver the hot potato into other people’s hands? It’s still the mission of Federal Reserve.

Reuters – Wed, Sep 26, 2012.. .

(Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve launched a new round of monetary stimulus this month, saying it will buy $40 billion in housing-backed bonds each month until the labor market improves substantially.

The Fed has kept interest rates near zero since December 2008 and now says it expects weak economic conditions will warrant keeping them there through at least mid 2015, half a year longer than it had earlier expected.

When Federal Reserve exhausted their interest rate tool, to help the Feds to break away from their straits, Federal Reserve will turn papers into money by printing 40 billion dollars each month – all of them will poured into the real estate market in order to create a third housing babble. This time, the babble will come with severe inflation, I foresee.


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Post  katsung47 Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:57 am

740. Seize the house and frame a case (10/10/2012)

About two decades ago, I was impressed by a news story. It was about how a black family losing their house. The family had a dispute with the government on some fee. The government seized their house and auctioned it in a very low price only about a fraction of the house value ( I forgot the detail. say, if the worth of the house was 150 K, the buyer got it for 15 k.) The buyer was an attorney worked for the government.

Of course the news story was not for that black family but for that attorney who bought the house. It said he was harassed by perpetration such like the windows was broken by stones from time to time. It hinted that was a revenge from the black family who lost their house.

What I learned from this story was that government squeezes people by their law system and the beneficiaries were government officials. Later I found the Feds actively murder the people and loot their wealth. Several times I found the homeowner Association deliberately delayed to mail the yearly service fee bill to us. One year I even didn’t receive the bill until it was overdue. I thought it was attempt to take over the house.

The yearly property tax is due on November 1st. Usually the bill is received in September or earlier so we have a plenty of time to mail the check. This time, until October 4th I didn’t receive the property tax bill. I asked my wife if she had taken it. She said no. Obviously the Feds have held the letter. They plan a framed case in later October and hope to seize the house if we miss the chance to pay the property tax.

On Sunday (10/7) I found the tax bill letter in my mail box. Someone put that letter there on Saturday night. I think it was my question to my wife rattled the Feds. They released the letter on Saturday night. But the attempt to seize the house doesn’t change. My wife refused to write check. It is unusual. She must have been threatened by the Feds. They certainly have planned a big case in later October.

My mother, my sisters and brother and their families, are arranged for a trip to Hawaii in the end of October. That’s not a coincidence. It is not an appropriate time for a vacation in Hawaii. But it's the time just before November 1st- the due date of property tax. It fits their plot to seize the property in the name of owing a debt when the victims are under arrest in a framed case or being eliminated in a travel incident.

741. Why the gas price jump high (10/15/2012)

On Oct 10, I revealed that the Feds have arranged a Hawaii trip for my family members. That’s a tactic they used to use when they planned a framed case. That night, my wife said she would take a tour to Thailand between Oct.19 to Oct. 25. It was a swift response to my revelation. They are showing off their power that they can order a trip any time they want on anybody.

To coordinate this October framed case, you also saw an unusual sudden rising price of gasoline in California, especially in Bay Area. A gas station owner complained that the gas price going up $1.00 just in five days.

California Refiners Ration Gasoline as Prices Near Record
By Lynn Doan – Friday, Oct 5, 2012

“We’re really sort of shell-shocked,” said Tom Robinson, president of Santa Clara, California-based Robinson Oil Corp., which operates 34 Rotten Robbie convenience stores. “If you’ve been in California long enough, you know how volatile our market can be. But to see prices go up $1 a gallon since Monday -- I’ve never seen that before.”


Calif. gas prices equal all-time high
By GILLIAN FLACCUS | Associated Press, 10/6/2012

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Saturday's price, the highest in the nation, equaled the record average high for California set in June 2008 of $4.61.


Be noticed that the sudden rising gas price started in first days of October. It matches well to the Feds October plot. Why? Because the Feds have collected so many real estate properties in my case in two decades. They want to keep the price good once they finish the case and pass these houses to the ordinary people. The houses mainly are located in San Francisco and San Jose where my family members and I live. The Feds managed to keep the price high there.

But the economy is actually still weak despite the lavish praise of the media. The housing market in nearby area is still low. The average price of house in Sacramento and Stockton is about half to the Bay Area. These cities are about one to two hour drive to San Francisco. To prevent the potential buyer to buy house there, the Feds pushed up the gas price.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:18 am

742. Help Obama to win the second term (10/24/2012)

The recent Gallup poll shows that Mitt Romney leads over President Barack Obama in president Campaign. That’s just a gimmick to cheat people. The election result is pre-decided. Obama will stay for his second term. It doesn’t relate to any politics. It is for a case of the Feds. They need Obama’s Health Reform that they forced Chief Justice Roberts to change his mind in June to pass the “Health Reform”. (see “ 726. The surprise turnaround of Chief Justice (7/4/2012)”)

To keep Obama to stay in his seat, they have to create an economic background that favors him. Two months before voting date, in early September, we saw European bank chief Draghi said the bank would buy the bond with no limit. How could this affect US president election?

Draghi helps out Obama campaign

By Robin Harding in Washington September 6, 2012

Barack Obama’s chances of re-election as US president rose on Thursday and the words that did it were not his but Mario Draghi’s.

Long before Mr Obama stood up to accept the Democratic nomination in Charlotte, North Carolina, the head of the European Central Bank had sketched out a new plan to buy the bonds of troubled eurozone countries.

That will not move the polls; it will not move a single vote. But Mr Draghi has lowered the gravest of risks to Mr Obama: a pre-election meltdown in the eurozone that would have blown up banks, pulverised Wall Street, and routed a fragile US economy back into recession.

If that happened, it would not be Mr Obama’s fault, but he would get the blame. Just as the failure of Lehman Brothers doomed his rival John McCain in 2008, a eurozone implosion would create economic odds too great for Mr Obama to surmount.


Within days, Federal Reserve Chief Bernanke pushed out another QE which would push up economy temporarily but hurt it in long term with inflation. The Republicans felt it immediately. The timing of issuing QE3 is not a coincidence. It helps Obama.

Fed risks political fallout from QE3

By Robin Harding and James Politi in Washington September 14, 2012

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, duly opened fire on Friday after the Fed began an open-ended third round of quantitative easing (QE3), under which it will buy $40bn of mortgage-backed securities a month.


QE3 will create another housing bubble.

Marc Faber: Fed's QE forever is ludicrous; no country has become rich from consumption

Source: BI-ME , Author: Constantine Gardner Fri September 14, 2012

"Asset prices will go up and the money will flow to the Mayfair Economy," he said, defining the latter as an "economy of the rich people whose assets prices go up and whose net worth increases" without any trickle down benefit to the real economy.

What you have is a small economy that is booming and the majority of the economy is being damaged by QE, Faber explains.

Faber sees the Fed's monetary policies over the last 15 years as mainly responsible for the various asset bubbles (Nasdaq, real estate etc...) leading to the subprime crisis in 2007. "The money printers and the neo-Keynesians interventionists are responsible for the crisis, reckons Faber, and people should know this."

Dr Bernanke's attempt to boost growth and reduce unemployment will end up, according to Dr. Faber, in a fiscal Grand Canyon with never ending deficits, the majority of the economy being damaged, the man in the street facing higher prices and losing his job.


Faber sees the Fed's monetary policies over the last 15 years as mainly responsible for the various asset bubbles (Nasdaq, real estate etc...), the Nasdaq bubble is the dot.com bubble, I talked about these two bubbles from #733 to #739. And the Federal Reserve now continues to create the third one. At the purpose to help the Feds to remove the hot potatoes in their hands to the ordinary people.

743. Create a hoax of a better off economy (10/29/2012)

Three months before the voting date, the unemployment rate was still high that it made the re-election unlikely for Obama.

What Does an 8.3 Percent Unemployment Rate Mean for the Election?

By: Jon King | August 5, 2012

Many pundits (including this one) have made the point that if the unemployment rate is at 8% or higher that the president will have an uphill battle to win the election.

The reason why 8% is such a hurdle is that no modern president has ever won re-election when unemployment was over 8%. Actually, if one wants to take an even more skeptical view, they could say that no president since Roosevelt has won re-election with unemployment over 7.2%.


It’s hard to convince people the unemployment rate would drop below 7.2% in two months from 8.3%. But they still could manage to get a figure of 7.8% in order to make Obama’s re-election more reasonable.

[quote ] Fact Check: Labor Secretary Solis Misleads on Jobs Revisions

by Joel B. Pollak 5 Oct 2012

Suspicion about the federal government's September jobs report has fallen on Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, who appeared on CNBC this morning and defended the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), claiming--falsely--that upward revisions of 86,000 jobs were from the private sector. In fact, the new number is entirely accounted for by upwards revisions to state and federal government payrolls.

The BLS reported that while only 114,000 jobs were created in September--which would have translated into a rise in unemployment from 8.1% to 8.2%--the unemployment rate fell dramatically to 7.8%. That unusual drop is the fastest in nearly three decades, and was unexpected even in the rosiest predictions.

One reason for the rise was an upward revision of 86,000 to the July and August jobs numbers--all of which came from a 91,000 increase in the estimate of public sector jobs. Private sector job estimates were actually revised downward by 5,000.

In addition, the BLS reported a large rise in the number of part-time jobs, adding 600,000 jobs to the total--a dramatic increase of 7.5%, not explained by any other economic indicators--and raising questions about whether the government had changed the way it counted part-time workers.

http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/10/05/Suspicion-Falls-on-Labor-Secretary-Solis-as-Jobs-Numbers-Questioned [/quote]

Nobody can verify the figure. It’s all under their control. They could cover up the truth of 911 attack. They could make Bin Laden died twice. So what to maintain a puppet president? If they could have kept a war criminal (who activated a war with a lie) to stay on his second term, what’s the problem for another puppet? All they have to do is to create a hoax of a better off economy for several months then blame everything on the coming financial cliff.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:03 am

744. Manipulation in Mother Nature’s guise (11/7/2012)

The Feds like to play the God’s role to control people. In 2004, when they planned to keep a proved liar on chair for his second term, they said it was the “God’s will”.
Pat Robertson predicted "I think George Bush is going to win in a walk, I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord it's going to be like a blowout election in 2004. It's shaping up that way."
Eight years later, the Feds want to shape up the way for Obama. They play the God’s will in another way – in Mother Nature’s guise.

If you still remember how storm Issac had disturbed the GOP Convention and suppressed Republican’s spirit.

It was so coincident that Limbaugh alleged:

Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Manipulated Isaac Storm Track To Delay GOP Convention: ‘The Hurricane Center Is … Obama’
By Stephen Lacey on Aug 27, 2012

Then another coincidence came:

Conspiracy Theorists Say Obama Engineered Hurricane Sandy
By Elizabeth Flock October 29, 2012

As Hurricane Sandy blasts the eastern seaboard just over a week before Election Day, a number of conspiracy theorists have decided President Barack Obama engineered the mega-storm to secure his re-election.

InfoWars.com, TheIntelHub.com, and ConsfearacyNewz all posted stories over the last several days alleging that the The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, helped the president engineer Sandy.


Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 05:28 AM PDT
So what does Romney do now?

If the hurricane freezes the presidential race in place, it's not good news for the GOP nominee
By Steve Kornacki

For Romney, the downside is obvious: Sandy has for now frozen the race in place – and where the race is right now isn’t good for him. If the election were held this moment, Barack Obama would probably be returned to office for a second term. The president is at best tied with Romney in the national horserace and at worst behind by a point, but he holds clear advantages in the most important battleground states and is much better-positioned to reach 270 electoral votes.

Romney needs to shore up states like Virginia and Colorado and erase stubborn gaps in Ohio or Wisconsin and Iowa before next Tuesday. Momentum alone doesn’t seem like it will get him there. He surged in the wake of the first debate in Denver, but the race has settled into place since then. For lack of a better term, Romney is in need of some kind of jolt that would fix his swing state problem.

Sandy severely complicates this task. For one thing, it has overtaken the presidential campaign as the top national story and will continue to do so for several days. Obama, as the president, has an obvious place in this story. The actions of the White House and the response of the federal government are integral to the clean-up, and Obama has a platform to showcase his presidential leadership. Romney, though, has no official role, and really can’t force his way into the story. There’s also the matter of unseemliness – it wouldn’t look too good for Romney to keep right on campaigning as the rest of the country takes stock of a natural disaster. Thus did Romney cancel events yesterday and again today.


745. Manipulation the election (11/12/2012)

Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division
Published: Wednesday, 7 Nov 2012


Watch the date of the announcement. The day next to the election day. Big lay off took some time to plan. Boeing is a big firm that under the control of the Feds. They don’t want to hurt Obama’s campaign so they sealed the bad news until he is re-elected. Same tactic was seen in other areas.

Record-High Food Stamp Enrollment Data Released After Election
November 10, 2012

Nearly 421,000 new participants were added in just one month from the July 2012 figure of 46,681,917. Almost 2 million more participants were added in the last year when compared to the August 2011 figure of 45,794,474. There were about 32 million Americans on Food Stamps when President Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

The U.S. Monthly Data report is typically issued at the end of the following month, or pushed slightly into next week if there is a weekend or holiday at the end of the month. For example, July 2012's numbers were released on September 28, 2012 (See below). However, the August 2012 report was released unusually late on November 9, 2012, well after the U.S. Presidential Election had taken place.


Unemployment generally correlates with food-stamp enrollment. The Feds made it a sharp drop two months before the election day from 8.3% to 7.8%. I alleged the figure was rigged(see #743). It’s a big conflict to the Food Stamp Enrollment data. How the sharp drop of unemployment could cause a record high food stamp enrollment? To prevent the contradiction to hurt Obama’s election, we saw an unusual delay of Food stamp enrollment data releasing.

Record-High Food Stamp Enrollment Data Released After Election
November 10, 2012
Nearly 421,000 new participants were added in just one month from the July 2012 figure of 46,681,917. Almost 2 million more participants were added in the last year when compared to the August 2011 figure of 45,794,474. There were about 32 million Americans on Food Stamps when President Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

The U.S. Monthly Data report is typically issued at the end of the following month, or pushed slightly into next week if there is a weekend or holiday at the end of the month. For example, July 2012's numbers were released on September 28, 2012 (See below). However, the August 2012 report was released unusually late on November 9, 2012, well after the U.S. Presidential Election had taken place.




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Post  katsung47 Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:30 am

746. GOP is obedient to the Feds (11/21/2012)

With 60,000 dead, Mexicans wonder why drug war doesn't rate in presidential debate

Much of Latin America was dismayed that they got only a glancing mention in Romney and Obama's final presidential debate.

By Sara Miller Llana | Christian Science Monitor – 10/23/2012

That means no candidate talked about the drug trade, despite historic violence playing out in Mexico, much of it along the 2,000-mile border that the US shares.


So far, the death toll in Syria is about 30,000, much less than 60,000. The media and US politicians beat the drum on civilians’ death there but keep a blind eye on its neighbor Mexico. Are the lives of the Muslim more valuable than Mexicans? No, it’s because this topic would certain to draw out a scandal – Operation Fast and Furious. It’s an Achilles’ heel of the Obama’s administration. Why the GOP and Romney hadn’t taken the advantage on this issue in election campaign? Because it’s the Feds that control this nation and the election. Eric Holder and D.O.J. committed the crime to supply the weapons to Mexican drug gangs and made Mexico a slaughtering field. The republican dares not to offend its master. So the issue was left alone.

The cause that leads the Feds to keep Obama on his chair is they need his Healthcare for their case. (see “726. The surprise turnaround of Chief Justice (7/4/2012)”. Obama is the rare President who could be re-elected when unemployment was above 7.4%. After the failure, the Republican recognizes the intention of the Feds and bows down:

Boehner: 'Obamacare is the law of the land'

By Michael O'Brien, NBC News 11/8/2012

Republicans' efforts to undo President Barack Obama's health care reform law appear to have come to an end, as House Speaker John Boehner described it Thursday as the "law of the land."


747. Petraeus case is an extortion (11/27/2012)

On Nov. 10, CIA Chief Petraeus resigned from his post because the FBI had found his affairs in Broadwell’s email. On Nov. 20, we have such a news:
Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants

by Declan McCullagh
| November 20, 2012

A Senate proposal touted as protecting Americans' e-mail privacy has been quietly rewritten, giving government agencies more surveillance power than they possess under current law.

CNET has learned that Patrick Leahy, the influential Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, has dramatically reshaped his legislation in response to law enforcement concerns. A vote on his bill, which now authorizes warrantless access to Americans' e-mail, is scheduled for next week.


Obviously, the FBI activates its accessories in Senate to change the law to justify its action on the CIA Chief. The cause they applied on Petraeus case is weak, fragile and unreasonable.

In unusual CIA case, FBI detoured from usual path
By RICHARD LARDNER | Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The way the FBI responded to Jill Kelley's complaint about receiving harassing emails, which ultimately unraveled or scarred the careers of ex-CIA Director David Petraeus and Marine Gen. John Allen, is the exception, not the rule.

The FBI commonly declines to pursue cyberstalking cases without compelling evidence of serious or imminent harm to an individual, victims of online harassment, advocacy groups and computer crime experts told The Associated Press.
Instead, the FBI considered this from the earliest stages to be an exceptional case, and one so sensitive that FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder were kept notified of its progress.
Civil liberties groups have criticized the FBI for pursuing the investigation of the emails to Kelley because there is no indication the messages contained any threatening language or classified information. The episode underscores the need to strengthen the legal protections for electronic communications, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

What made the FBI crossing the path to create a scandal? There must be a reason. I think it was a potential extortion case. The FBI tried to blackmail CIA Chief Petraeus with the affair scandal but failed. Then we saw such a stage show.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:32 am

748. Petraeus case is an extortion (2) (12/6/2012)

New report describes Broadwell emails to Kelley as ‘death threats’

By Rachel Rose Hartman, Yahoo! News | The Ticket – Tue, Nov 20, 2012

Paula Broadwell reportedly vowed in an email to make Jill Kelley "go away" the New York Daily News reported Tuesday in a story offering new details about how the mistress of former CIA Director David Petraeus threatened Kelley.

It’s ridiculous to interpret “go away” as a life threat. Yet it was “so sensitive that FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder were kept notified of its progress.” Is it funny that the two big heads of the D.O.J. kept their interest on someone’s affair while A.G. Eric Holder said he was not notified of “Operation Fast and Furious”?

As a matter of fact, Eric Holder is under heavy pressure to resign on “Operation Fast and Furious” scandal. FBI director Robert Mueller is on his “extended two years” term. Both are in their finale days in D.O.J.. (see #693 and #694) They have a mission to frame a case to terminate Kat Hak Sung, then to take the responsibility by “resignation” – a convenient way for the officials to quit from the crime they committed.

In 1990s, I left US twice because the intensified persecution of the Feds. Then they created OKC bombing and 911 attack to achieve the new law “Patriot Act” with which they establish the TSA search in airport. On 10/7/2009, I was denied to enter Canada on the border. (see #611) The only exit now is Mexico. A few days later, in later October 2009, D.O.J. created “Operation Fast and Furious”. They successfully turned Mexico into a killing field. It was obviously created for my case.

This year, the Feds have new plan to frame me through the new Obama’s Healthcare law. I revealed it in July. (see #726) Next month, a strange case happened.

Mexico focus on police commanders in CIA shooting
By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO | Associated Press – Mon, Nov 19, 2012.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — In a strange and aggressive attack by Mexican federal police on a U.S. Embassy vehicle that was pumped with 152 bullets, one major question remains: Why?

Mexican investigators are looking for the answer from five police commanders who are accused of ordering 14 officers to lie about what happened on Aug. 24 south of Mexico City, where two CIA officers and a Mexican Navy captain came under heavy fire while travelling in an armored SUV clearly marked by diplomatic plates.
"Commanders controlled by whom? Whose instructions were they following?" said one Mexican official with knowledge of the case.


Media puzzled, asked why? People rarely know it was an attempt to create scandal for CIA. “Operation Fast and Furious” has made D.O.J. notorious already. They now intend to extort CIA to collaborate in their plot in Mexico if I would be forced to be there.

749. Petraeus case is an extortion (3) (12/11/2012)

Who has the power to order the Mexico Federal police to murder CIA agents? Mexico government has no intention to offend its super power neighborhood. The answer is simple: It is someone who has the ability to extort the Chief of CIA.

We know the Feds control the drug gangs in Mexico. (see “698. FBI and DEA are behind the “Fast and Furious” (12/19/2011)”

US Court Documents Claim Sinaloa “Cartel” Is Protected by US Government
Posted by Bill Conroy - July 31, 2011 at 5:07 pm

The son of a heavy hitter in a powerful Mexican drug trafficking organization has filed explosive legal pleadings in federal court in Chicago accusing the US government of cutting a deal with the the “Sinaloa Cartel” that gave its leadership “carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago and the rest of the United States.”


The Feds not only control drug gangs in Mexico, they also control mexico police force, turn it into their informants.

Reports Of Mexican Special Forces Serving As 'Death Squads' In The Drug War

Michael Kelley|Oct. 2, 2012
Ciudad Juárez, right across the border from El Paso, Texas, was perhaps the most dangerous place in the world between 2008 and 2011 as a “cartel turf war" led to more than 10,000 murders.

But U.S. and Mexican officials told Stratfor that the surge of killings can be partly attributed to Mexican special forces and hitmen who were acting as U.S. informants.


The CIA agents survived in Mexico police’ attack were lucky because they were in a bullet proof car. The plot continues. CIA Chief Petraeus was extorted by affair scandal. It seems Petraeus didn’t compromise to that blackmail. He knows once he obeys, he will be a slave for that power for life. He chose to resign.


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Post  katsung47 Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:11 pm

750. Petraeus case is an extortion (4) (12/20/2012)

Petraeus’ resignation was sudden and unexpected, it’s obvious. There was a flurry in news field. At first it said the affair was found in emails between Petraeus and Paula Broadwell. It was illegal to search private communication.

So then we knew Jill Kelley. The justification was that she received anonymous threatening emails. But how could Kelley complained her private affair to the FBI? Then we got an unnamed FBI agent:

Jill Kelley turned to friend — and Tampa FBI agent — for help

Nov 14, 2012

He was identified late Wednesday by the New York Times, quoting anonymous sources, as the Tampa FBI agent who took the complaints from socialite Jill Kelley that started a cyberstalking investigation and uncovered Petraeus' affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.

And some other story to convince people:

Jill Kelley Claims 'Threats' in Email to Mayor
By ABC News | ABC News 11/16/2012


Then the news that the FBI agent allegedly sent Jill Kelley shirtless photos, Kelley’s affair with Gen. John Allen, Kelley’s social life with high ranking government officials…. . All those 007 style stories are used to distract people from the main focus – Petraues was under illegal surveillance.

Is sex scandal really that important? Gen. John Allen is a high ranking official. He now goes back to Afghanistan to continue his commander career there. His mistress came from Lebanon and is a social butterfly. Paula Broadwell graduated from West Point and was allowed to do her writing with Petraeus. She is much cleaner than Jill Kelley. Yet Petreus lost his job.

The word to justify the search was “go away”. Do you believe it?

New report describes Broadwell emails to Kelley as ‘death threats’

By Rachel Rose Hartman, Yahoo! News | The Ticket – Tue, Nov 20, 2012

Paula Broadwell reportedly vowed in an email to make Jill Kelley "go away" the New York Daily News reported Tuesday in a story offering new details about how the mistress of former CIA Director David Petraeus threatened Kelley.

751. Petraeus case is an extortion (5) (12/25/2012)

FBI used to kill with a borrowed knife. In Waco event when they decided to eliminate the Branch Davidians, they let the BATF to provoke the case which at last led to the massacre of seventy four people.

In October 2009, they let the Canada authority to deny my entering at border check point. A few days later they activated “Operation Fast and Furious” to turn Mexico into a killing field. When that operation became a scandal in 2011, BATF again became a scapegoat.

Then who would be a borrowed knife in Mexico if Kat Sung have gone there? They thought of CIA. We saw the strange case that Mexico Federal police shooting the SUV of CIA agents and the scandal of CIA Chief Petraeus. However, Petraeus chose to resign instead of keeling down. Now FBI has to show its true face.

I have an email account with Yahoo so I read its news everyday. On November 24, two weeks after Petraeus' resignation, a news jumped into my view. It proves my allegation that the blackmail on CIA was about Mexico:

1 of FBI's 10 most wanted arrested in Mexico
Associated Press – 11/24/2012

LOS ANGELES (AP) — One of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives was arrested in Mexico and returned to Los Angeles Friday night to face charges of murder, kidnapping and rape, U.S. officials said.

Reputed Los Angeles gang member Joe Luis Saenz was taken into custody in Guadalajara late Thursday following a joint operation with the Mexican government, said Bill Lewis, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles office.


They won’t hide behind the curtain anymore.


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